Diabetes Video to create awareness and educate! IDEAS NEEDED! PLEASE READ!

Hey guys!

So im heavily invovled with the juvenile diabetes research foundation doing presentations on diabetes and workshop with kids and families with diabetes. This year, i am the youth ambassador for the JDRF walk to cure diabetes. I want my school to not only fundraise for the walk but also become more educated on diabetes(and potentially give this presentation to all of the highschools within the city). I know i’ve had some pretty interesting encounters. Anyways, im going to do a big presentation to the WHOLE school basically about diabetes, my story, my perspective, the walk and what they can do.

& So I’m making a diabetes educational video. What do YOU think it should consist of? Im thinking of having a bunch of people with type 1 diabetes in it, saying the lines, sorta split between all the people. If that makes sense! (: Also, i was thinking of having a rap by some nursing students at my school basically rapping about diabetes itself and the medical devices(pump, glucose monitors)

Im open to ALL ideas because i want it to be VERY educational but still fun to watch! Since i am very involved with JDRF and the Candian diabetes assosiation AND I want to become a motivational speaker, i want this video to be very well done and have all the aspects needed when educating another person!

THANKS! &tell me what you think and all your ideas because this not only benifits the viewer but all diabetes because it will create more awareness throughtout poeple!!

I think that the story about the invention of usable insulin is amazing. This video has a pretty good summary of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWVuCDQKB5k (3 parts, a bit long, but really a neat video). It shows 1) it was less than 100 years ago and made people look like concentration camp victims. At the same time, they knew the scientific discovery was on the horizon and the lucky ones kept themselves going until they discovered a way to produce insulin that would be usable, since they had actually discovered insulin 40 or 50 years earlier? I was a history major and read pretty constantly but had no idea about these details at all as I’d totally blown it off. If you can summarize that story and then finish it off with your own story and how you are able to control things, people might find it pretty engaging? Good luck!

I think you have some good idea’s!! If you need a face for showing how Club 1 can strike anyone. I am there as I was dx’ed at 52 years 21/2 years ago. LOL An idea, a young person like yourself teaching someone like me. After all you have years more time in Club 1 than me!!! Wish you the best on your video. Oh, did you also post this on the JDRF website Juvenation.org??? Can’t wait to see if I can!!

Thanks! Wow, that video was really interesting actually! I find it ao interesting that over 6 million people have diabetes but dont know it yet. Do you have any other ideas or thoughts that should be in this video?

Thanks! I love it how you call it Club 1! (: Sorry, what about the idea of a young person, like me, teaching someone like you? i didnt quite get it xD

Also, Thanks for the website! I didnt even know about it till know! I love diabetes webiste! haha (:

Do you have any ideas or thoughts of what should be in the video?
Thanks again dear!

Well, I dunno what your time goal is but I would think you’d want to sort of keep it ‘punchy’, not to say that ‘kids’ have short attention spans but you will be competing with your peers, some of whom may do videos where they shoot things or blow stuff up or whatever so it’s probably a pretty tough market? I had diabetes for 25 or so years when I saw the video and learned a bunch of stuff in it. I figured people died from it all the time but the notion that people knew that insulin would by usable soon and starved themselves to get it really amazed me? Even more amazing was that several of them succeeded and I was really stunned that Elizabeth Hughes lived into the 1980s!