DiabetesDeluge- Type1 Mom, Type 1 Son

My son starts Kindergarten next month and between his insulin pumping/diabetes care & my own, it’s starting to feel like diabetes is the main topic in our lives :)… I have been thinking of it as DiabeticDeluge. Wondering if the baby2 (due Nov 18) will say “Diabetes” or perhaps “BG” in her repetoire of first words…

I can associate with you. I’m a Type 1 and my oldest (almost 22 now) is a type 1 too. My youngest (20) isn’t a diabetic. It maybe in her life but not her 1st words.she will know what it means but maybe not have to do it.

Thanks, Doris! I am glad to know your second child didn’t end up with- since chances are even higher for this one (i.e. more 1st degree relatives). I was lucky to have been part of a life history study at NIDDK not long before my son was diagnosed (I live in the metro-DC area and work at NIH, so it was really easy to participate), and the amazing researcher reviewed my results after I was diagnosed to make sure it wasn’t some sort of genetic pancreatic defect as and confirmed that it was very typical Type 1- I didn’t realize that there were “Type 1” cases that truly aren’t auto-immune.

I hope you and your daughter are both doing well & feeling well!