Fundraising campaign raised $7,000!

UPDATE (Oct. 2):
Here is a video thanking EVERYONE for your generous support of the community. We raised $7,000 in funds for the Diabetes Hands Foundation!

Hello everyone,
I just realized that the ChipIn to collect donations had stopped working at midnight last night. So, I created a new one that you can use to chip in.

If you want to make an online donation, click on the ChipIn button. If you have any questions as to how to make a donation online, click here.

If you prefer to send your donation using regular mail, you can send a check to the order of DIABETES HANDS FOUNDATION to the following address:

Diabetes Hands Foundation
P.O. Box 61074
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Below is a slideshow with the Thank You gifts that you will receive, depending on the level of your contribution:

You will notice the fundraising ChipIn widget shows an end date of Oct. 2: it requires the end date to be at least two days away, but we will take it down first thing tomorrow. We promised Sept. 30 we would get out of your way and we will! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delay in getting this ChipIn thing corrected and THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who have been on top of this and supporting TuDiabetes!!

Last, here is the previous ChipIn, so you can see how well we have done so far, with 12 hours to go:

and the last video of the campaign, that we shared with you a week ago:

We raised $7,000 in funds for the Diabetes Hands Foundation!!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your support and your generous contributions.

Yeppie!!! Good Job!!!

Congrats to everyone who supported both financially and morally