Diabetic Centers of America

Today I heard a radio commercial for Cancer Centers of America. The ad gave one a feeling that this center is really a caring environment if you have cancer.

I was thinking about that commercial and thought what if the same thing was offered to diabetics. With the amount of diabetics in the US someone would make a fortune.

Think of it. A clinic completely dedicated to the diabetic community. Having the best medical staff and Doctors. Having a complete and thorough diagnosis with all tests run without the run around. A staff that would take seriously your BG logs and help keep you accountable including Intensive pump, insulin and medication monitoring.

A staff that would be aware of all the subsets of diabetics, Thin T-2’s, LADA, MODY and the ability to specialize in these areas. Support staff for parents with diabetic children and teens.

I am a stock and option trader and trade the equity markets. Now if there was a public offering for a company like this to develop centers throughout america;

Thats a investment and trade I would make.

Hate to give you the bad news, but I have heard that alot of the patients who go to the Cancer Centers of America do not make it. These patients are usually ones who have been given a bad prognosis with cancer, and the local physicians do not have alot of options to offer. Those that go are treated often on clinical trials. I am sure many make it, but not as many as you would hope. At least it looks like they feel there is hope for them, even if there is none… But your idea of the diabetic center sounds like a good one!

I think that is the best idea I have ever heard of and what it could do for all of us would be WONDERFUL! With the raising Diabetes in America this would be wonderful for PT and Familys and I am sure DR and Nurses.
There would be nothing more fulfilling than to have Doctors and the staff have Goals and understanding and knowledge for a Disease. What a Dream to live out:)

I think it would be great to have a place with Endos, CDEs, RDs, Psycologists/Counselors, trainers, encouragers, classes, support, educators, advocates, etc. I think it would be a place of hope!

I would probably be one of the first ones to sign up. It makes so much sense. hat’s probably why no one has done it.