Diabetic cooking blogs?

I'm a newly diagnosed type 1, and I'm figuring out what I can and can't eat - and what tasty dishes are out there. I love to cook, and the transition, so far, hasn't been too hard on that end, but I'd like to see what other people are doing. I just started a new blog to chronicle what I'm cooking and eating, but I'm having a hard time finding good examples of successful, current blogs around the internet.

So. Do you guys have a favorite diabetic cooking blog?

Lindsay, welcome to the TuD family.

If you click on the link above in the grey bar called 'groups' and scroll down a bit, you'll find a section called Food, Recipes and Eating Habits for People with Diabetes. Loads of useful info there to get you started!

For me, it's not so much what I can or can't eat but figuring out the carbs accurately and having settings and tactics to deal with each "food situation" I'm encountering? I usually find stuff online if I want to make something new.

I am not sure if "successful" and "blog" totally go together as, even "celebrity" blogs don't get as much traffic/ feedback as an interesting message board thread? I'm sort of biased as I've always preferred message boards. Fantasy baseball was what got me going on that and a message board post about say "bonds vs. 'roids" (this was a few years ago...) has a thesis/ antithesis/ synthesis possibility I don't perceive with most blogs?

I agree with AR. Too me blogs are incredibly narcissistic monologues. I'd much rather hear someone sharing on here experiences, tips and questions. That way everyone gives input and it's all like one big cocktail party! Pass the cashews, please.

Good luck finding a food blog, I do agree with AR and Zoe.

If I had a food blog it would probably not be something more than handful of people would like unless I embellished my feelings because after what seems like a lifetime with T1D I would probably call the blog; "If it tastes good spit it out"...food has become my enemy I could speak positive about it but it would really be a lie, the truth is I just get bitten too many times when I start to enjoy it. Almost every food item I really enjoy causes my BG to go higher than what my personal target is set at.

Here is another name I could use for my food blog...Food_sucks.com

Example Blog: I was standing outside Cinnabon at the local mall and could smell the fresh baked cinnamon rolls in the window just the smell makes me salivate like a rabid dog...oh what I would give for one day without this dreaded curse...oh well it never hurts to dream ...I'm off to Souper Salad It's a much healthier choice ...%$#*@#

Ive recently started my cooking blog. Have a look :)


It all looks so good, but alas, I can't eat beans, they send my bsg as high as a kite.

Orange juice, fructose, beans?? This is why I don't read cooking blogs or "diabetic" cookbooks. We all have different ideas of what is a good diet for ourselves. Also not a member of the "substitute" club. I'm not fond of cauliflower as cauliflower let alone pizza crust or potato salad! Personally I make home made gourmet pizza once in a blue moon - thin crust, no tomato glop, fresh ingredients and eat one slice with a salad. Since the recipe lasts a really long time that way I'm tired of it for months before I do it again. Sometimes I feel alone in not liking blogs OR substitute foods.

That's true. we are all different and what we can eat is very individul. Im surprised though you can't eat beans. it works perfectly for me (exept baked beans of course) and i eat them a lot. Diabetes can be tricky :)

Two hours after a casserole with beans and lentils in it my blood sugars were 10, it didn't help that there was pumpkin in the casserole either, but pulses are definitely out for me. Grrr!

Most of us could eat beans if we where fallowing the US guide lines for diabetic BG levels and nutrition...but many of us have our sights set higher and we are looking for near normal BG and normal A1c's. I need food but it's not my friend, I have not had a A1c over 5.7 in almost a decade, many below 5.5...why?...because my daily diet does not include Pizza, Bread, Beans, Potatoes, Pasta, little Fruit, no Carrots or high carb vegetables.

I will eat pie and ice cream but when I do I know there is no trick bolus to save me it's going to wreck my BG average for that day...

life is short and sometimes we deserve something sweet, at all other times it's best you wear your Helmet...;-)

I've discovered black soy beans (packaged in cans by EdenSoy, no affiliation). If you're not sensitive to phytoestrogens, they are GREAT. 8g net carbs, 7g fiber. Chili with beans, yessss! They also make dried ones, but haven't tried those yet.

The paleo diet is very popular now and there are numerous websites with paleo recipes. Many of these recipes are low carb and so are useful to those of us choosing to reduce our carb intake

Hello, I found Low-gi and Lo-carb cooking recipes were the most helpful.
There's a free downloadable Diabetes Cookbook 2013 if you register at diabetes.co.uk
Lots of fruit and veg. to replace the carbs. :)

Unfortunately the diabetic cookbooks I have purchased are seemingly full of strange haute-cuisine concoctions that i've never tried!
Regards, ash

Thanks Ash :) I will try to download the book

There is a great deal of controversy on what is a proper diet for someone with diabetes. If you look through all the ADA guidance, it is all about low fat and restricted calories. On the other hand many follow a low carb diet and have been quite successful. Personally, I follow a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. I seek to get my food from as close to whole food sources as possible. I avoid transfats and vegetable oils and look for grain fed meet and foods that are generally free of contamination. Thus, the
cookbooks put out by the ADA are useless to me. When I cook, I look for recipes that are good food. I look for recipes in my books or on sites like epicurious.com. I recently made Coquilles St.-Jacques with some minor adaptations (sub parmesan for the bread crumbs and cheese). The recipe resulted in four generous servings with 28g fat, 15g carb and 27 g protein. A perfect bolus worthy dish.

Haven't found a blog yet, I do occasionally post recipes on my tudiabetes blog page.

However the low carber forum has some fabulous recipes, I discovered them after checking out Karen Barnaby's excellent book The Low-Carb Gourment

There are some very good recipes on their site - just notice some posted another version of a meatza that looks good.

Low Carber Recipe Forum