New to Diabetes...and blogging

Hello. So I got diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago but kind of ignored it. I tried diet and exercise for a while and it worked for a while. Then life happened, and being a comfort eater I regressed. I tried to use herbs, which I found worked if only I could afford them, which I couldn't buy them often enough for them to build up in my system. So anyways I'm back now beginning to take Metformin 500 BID. I get Diarrhea really bad from it, so this morning I took only half to see what happens, but my face got tingally and my heart raced, so I called doctor, waiting for phone response. Meanwhile I have been reading this site, and am kind of just confused about lots of things, like why you take your blood sugar so often, I only have so many fingers and they all hurt just from once a day testing. I really wasn't told much, just only eat fruit,(one a day) veggies and meat. I hate red meat. I like chicken though. No bread or pasta, no flour of any kind. So I'm thinking he wants me on low carbs? Then I read (someplace) that you can't eat beans, like black beans or lentils? Is that true? I'm finding this very hard. I hate planning meals, and am so frustrated. Am I complaining?, probably. I love this site so far, but I think I am just struggling along. I ate cornmeal mush for breakfast with Agave syrup to sweeten (probably not allowed? but I know it doesn't raise your blood sugar, and just now a pear for snack. Well that is my first post. Any suggestions!! This whole thing seems to be life consuming, and I don't like it. I want my life back. I have other things to think about. Till next time.....

Mama11, I'm sorry you are struggling so much, we've all been (and still are) there. Diabetes is all consuming. It takes a lot of work, and lifestyle changes to get it under control and keep it there. I highly suggest reading Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. In this book he teaches you everything you need to know about diabetes and how to control it. It is a very strict and hard working lifestyle, but so worth it to save your life and regain your health!

Good luck to you and I hope you find peace and control. :)