Diabetic Dating

Well hello fellow diabetics. Sorry for the long absence, I have been having quite the intense past couple months especially with my blood sugars. Oh well, part of being diabetic. I received news on Wednesday that I am coming out of my honeymoon period. But that is all besides the point. The point of this blog is to talking dating as a diabetic. Now I am already quite the handful all by myself. I like to tell myself it is mainly that my personality is too big. Anyways. I have noticed that it is quite hard to find someone that actually understands and has enough empathy to put up with this wonderful disease. A week ago I found myself talking to the guy I like when I was low. I went back to look at the conversation and I am absolutely certain I came off as insane. Oh the problems of a diabetic. I guess my wish is to find a good, Godly man, whose face is acceptable to look at, and is diabetic. Is that too much to ask? Well yeah probably. But one can still hope can't they. Well thank you for any of you that suffered through reading this rambling post. I wish you all luck with your diabetic love life.

you'll find someone
don't give up
just be yourself
& don't hide your D

someone out there is looking for you

just a reminder, this is not a dating site.

Shosh is right, you will find someone, be yourself and don't hide your d.

thanks, marie :))

as a male with D, the best advice I can say is wear it. When people meet me they usually know within 5 minutes I am diabetic and within 10 that I have RA. I do it in job interviews and social situations. Now I know what you will say rick you have been married for 36 years and you are not looking for a partner today. That is true. But here is the other truth, D comes along for the ride with me. If I am interviewing for a job and they dont want a diabetic, then I dont want to work there. If I am doing work for united way and they dont want a type 1 D then I dont want to mess with them. Time is way to precious to waste it on people who dont want me around because of my diabetes. i own it and if that does not work for them, then it does not work for me. I do not have time to waste on idiots who will not like this about me.

Oh and about dating. Yes I got married young, but my wife refused my request 4 times when I asked her out. Ok, I didn't know she was sort of kind of almost committed to another guy. I could have thought she is saying no because I am diabetic. When in fact it was something entirely different. Once that was over, she called me and asked me out. Go figure, my point is sometimes things dont work out because, they dont work out. It is not always about diabetes. Sometimes it is because it is not time. My wife was the shyest person you would ever meet. But she tore down her barrier to get to me. Just like I really would not take no for an answer. It is true at one point I thought oh she does not like my because of my diabetes. Turns out, it was something entirely different. My point, I could have gotten down and changed the way I approached people, but I kept at it. I did the same with her, when I thought it was diabetes that was turning her off. I said OK she dont like that I am D. No sense in wasting time. I was dating someone else when she called. I broke it off so I could be with her. Together we have been a 37 year revenge date, for the guy who dropped her to "see others". Things have a way of sort of working out. We just have to keep pitching.

i wish you the very best, I look forward to you finding the guy who loves you for who you are. D and all. he is out there.

I know it is not a dating site! The whole piece was written sarcastically. I am proud of who I am and that I am diabetic. I don't ever hide it. I know there is someone out there. I am not worried. Thanks guys.

You are way cute, Jolynn.
Just enjoy having a bunch of people root for you!
I felt the sarcasm.
I raised 3 girls.
Have FUN!
I'd love to know how it goes! LoL