Diabetics dating diabetics?

I would like to date a insulin-dependent diabetic girl, mainly to make things easier with meal planning. How do I go about finding one? I am in relatively good shape, do a lot of cardio, eat perfectly, and would like to find a girl that practices the same lifestyle. Do any of you diabetics have diabetics significant others?

This is something I’ve wondered as well. Is this more of a hassle or a benefit?

Ps. Finding other diabetics I’ve found is easy. I volunteer through the ADA at diabetes summer camp as a counselor as well as yearly retreats etc that they do. I always meet other diabetics this way! Also, Seattle has yearly meet ups for young diabetics (21-30ish). I’ve seen those posted here as well :slight_smile:

That sounds ideal, but I must say, even though my husband knew nothing about diabetes until I was diagnosed, he is in the battle with me every single day. He is extremely helpful and supportive, and I could not imaging dealing with it without him. So, don't overlook the "right" girl just because she isn't diabetic! :)

Dating another diabetic could be both a blessing and a curse. It would be a blessing because you would not have to educate her as to why you are eating what you are, taking blood tests when you do, and regulating insulin when you work out. However, having been married to a non-diabetic man for 37 years, I learned that HE learned and adjusted to my lifestyle within the first few months of dating, and my lifestyle demands have just become a way of life for both of us.

The curse of you both being diabetic comes with the lows. My husband generally drives around meal-times when he knows I might start to get into the 80s or 70s range. Also, I tend to get grumpy if I am low, so I would hate to see the fight we might have if we were both low at the same time!

Overall, I really do not think it makes a difference. If you are attracted to a person, that attraction is based on something far greater than diabetes. Maybe my husband loves me in spite of the diabetes; maybe he is glad that I work hard to take care of myself so we can have a happy retirement. Feel sorry for those that avoid you because of your diabetes; you seem like a nice guy, so missing your friendship is their loss. Good luck on your search for the perfect girl.