Food on the go

I’ve had a lot of success with my blood sugars the last week or so eating low carb, and I got ahold of Berstein’s book at the library. :slight_smile: I was just wondering what people eat for snacks when they’re out running errands? I bought some beef jerky sticks at the store tonight, but I’m drawing a blank on what else to munch on. Any ideas?

PEPPERONI!! :slight_smile:

I should add that I don’t eat nuts of any kind because my son is allergic. Otherwise, that would be a great option. Pepperoni is a good idea too!

Yeah…I do a lot of Trail Mix (I found a really good mix at Costco…called HUNTERS MIX). But it’s full of nuts.

Youll find snacking kind of falls be the wayside. After eating this way for a while, the protein and fat in the meals start to last in your digestion a lot longer making you fuller, longer. That said, you can try soy sticks from whole foods (if they have one in your area), possibly a diet soda, maybe celery with a cream cheese. Oh, Baby bell cheese works or string cheese. I like to keep German Landjager on hand (its like the original slim jim, but much better). Salami will keep for ages.

Bear in mind, there is no free food so whatever youll eat will either add to carbs or require a small amount of insulin.

String cheese sticks – if you put one or two in your purse in the morning, they will keep. They won’t be cold, but still quite edible. I find them very filling.

I’ve actually noticed that already. Many times by the next meal, I’m still not really very hungry. When I was eating more carbs, I’d always be dying by the next meal!

I completely know what you mean. The old 8 meals has turned into 3 normal meals for me. I like what I eat too. =^) I do cook a good deal more now. You might look into at Josephs low carb pitas and lavash bread. They are 6 carbs per serving and make great sandwiches, buns, pita pockets, etc. Someitme while Im out Ill grab a turkey club and put it in a piece of lavash bread for a great 10-12 carb lunch on the go. Also, Kavli crisps can be had at whole foods and are 3 carbs a piece, I usually have 2 of those with a slice of cheese and cold cuts for breakfast. Its quick and quite good.

Hi Tiffany G…congrats on the successful blood sugars!! That is awesome, so good to hear another success story! Some snack suggestions that I use: celery sticks with natural peanut butter, red pepper and cucumber slices, nuts and cheese, cheese and pepperoni slices that have been microwaved on freezer paper to a crisp, salami slices. Any of those usually tide me over. Careful with beef jerky sticks, as I have looked at the labels of beef jerky and I can’t find any that don’t have sugar added. Bernstein is also really big on the ready-made sugar free Jello cups that you find in the refrigerated section at the store. I ate these a lot towards the beginning of my Bernstein diet days, but now I find them unsatisfying. Oooh, I almost forgot PORK RINDS!! I was so surprised when I read about this and checked the label…zero carbs!! Crunchy, salty goodness.

type 1, phd is right about most jerky containing sugar. I try to snack on things with almost no carbs. But If I’m needing a quick meal replacement, jerky works for me. I get a big bag at a convenience store and some nuts, the one I usually get has 18g of carbs. Between the fat in the nuts and the jerky my sugar stays OK. You could swap out the nuts with pork rinds. You have to watch the label on them as well, the flavored ones sometimes have some sort of sweetener. I also use pork rinds as a substitute for croutons on salads, wish they didn’t have so much salt though, as I need to limit it.

Thanks! I might try celery with cream cheese, as someone suggested above. Celery with PB is good, but I don’t eat that because of my son’s allergies. The individually wrapped beef jerky sticks I bought have only 1 carb, but I will definitely keep an eye on the ingredients. I like the sugar-free Jell-O cups. They’re not fantastic, but they’re a nice treat. I did buy some low carb bread, with 10 gm/slice, but I haven’t tried it. I swear there used to be a lot of more low carb options, but that was probably when Atkins was big.