International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Congress

Hi All!

Wondering if anyone else on TuD is heading to Dubai next month for the World Diabetes Congress, or knows of anyone who is?

I am so thrilled to be going, but would love to connect with some others who are heading over as well.

Counting down the days!

I will be there, Jen.

Remember to snuggle up to Dr, Farquhar from Kelowna, BC ( living with d over 50 years ) and ofcourse Jason Turner , islet transplant recipient from NB , ...well you know what I mean about " snuggling " ...and ofcourse HI to Manny :)

Awesome!! Does TuDiabetes have a booth? Or are you presenting? I'll definitely come find you. It'll be great to finally meet!

Will do! I'll but Dr. Farquhar's presentation in my calendar so I am sure not to miss it! :)