Diabetic Freaks?

When I participated in the Joslin Medalist Study in December, 2009, I was told that the goal was to examine 750 long term Type 1 diabetics. They have examined approximately 600 so far. The Study is to conclude in April, 2011.

All the participants have been Type 1 for 50 years, or more. You would think these Type 1's would have had good control to have lived so long and have no serious complications. That is not entirely true. The person in charge of my examination told me that several participants freely admitted they were very careless with their eating habits and rarely tested their BG, but they had no complications after 50+ years. Many of us, like me, knew so little about proper diabetes care during our first 30 years, but have used very good diabetes management in more recent years. My diabetes management was horrible until I found I was supposed to follow a low carb diet in 1988. Even then, I did not know about basal/bolus control with carb counting, but here I am after 64 years with no complications.

I think we Medalists are diabetic "freaks". We should not have lived so long and have such good health. I just hope that the Medalist Study will provide a treatment that can help recently diagnosed and younger Type 1's so they too can avoid complications. That is what Dr King, the man in charge of the Study, hopes will occur. Maybe we freaks have made a significant contribution by participating.

I sincerely hope that I fall under the “diabetic freak” category, too! Approaching my 10th anniversary as a T1 in Dec.

I want to be a “diabetic freak” too. Only 33 yrs to go to hit the 50 mark. No problem! :slight_smile:

I am glad that you have made it so long and remained healthy. Wishing you many more years of being a “diabetic freak”.

Hurrah to freaks! May we all be one!


Freaks or not…I think you guys are awesome! This is one time that I would love to be a freak.

I hope all of you will join me on the freaks list in the years ahead!!

I agree! Over 18 years so far … under 32 years to go!

The results of this study should be very interesting when it’s published. I heard that a small proportion of long-term Type 1s (something like 17%) still produce detectable levels of insulin, but so far that’s the only information about these medalists that I’ve heard.

Ooooh, I want to be a freak! Thank you, Richard!

Hey Richard157,
How have you been? From one freak to another. I’m 52 years and counting since the age of 3!!! I went to Joslin 2 weeks ago. Do not have my results yet. I have not forgotten about lunch. My weekends have been very busy. I will drop you an email soon.

Hi Ray, it is nice hearing from you. I am glad you participated in the Joslin Study. I knew you were going to do that. I will be there for lunch with you again, you name the day.


Hooray for “freaks” that are willing to help others… unfortunately, I don’t think I will be allowed in your club, but I am cheering you and all the other 749 "freaks"on!!! Seriously, thanks for helping forward the cause of diabetes!!

Fingers crossed that the freaky factor is discovered. In the meantime, can you spare a couple pints of blood to share with us:)

Freak or not, you’re an inspiration!

I want to join you on the freak list Richard!!

Hello Richard:

You are a good freak.

I would (highly) suspect that as we get older, our assessment of our control may in retrospect appear much worse than we would like it - and that it was actually much better.

And I would also suspect that you have had really good control, even for the times.

Secondly - I do think you are onto something with the C-Peptide in the pork.

An unfortunate sign of the times, as our tools became better (faster insulins, faster meters) with the absence of c-peptide perhaps the newer tools made us have to become more tightly controlled?

All very interesting to think about.

I too hope to be doing so, as a Josilin Medalist - in some 24 years from now.

All the best wishes to you Richard!


As one freak to another,…I always thought you to be a bit freaky! LOL.
Still haven’t got your book. I was told it would come on Canadian Amazone. Hate to give out my credit card number again.


Hello JB! I am a bit freaky. I am popular on Halloween night. Lol! I know you have been Type 1 for 50 years now. That is good! I also know you have had health problems. Here is wishing you good luck in the years ahead!

Hello Drew, thanks for your post! I have been posting abot C-peptide and its benefits for some time now. I made it an important topic in my book. There have been studies that showed that C-peptide reduced the chances of serious complications.

I hope you and your family are doing well!

As another member of diabetic “freaks” (more than 51 years) I look forward to hearing more about the results of this study. When I went to Joslin last October to participate in the study I didn’t produce measurable c-peptide, but had a small but unexplained drop in bg in the last half hour of the mixed meal test. I think there will be some unexpected and interesting results.

On the topic of C-peptide, does anyone know when C-peptide was removed from animal insulins?

Happy there are more “freaks” among us!

I’d like a gallon of C-peptide, please. Drinks for everyone!