Diabetic Mastopathy

I’ve been Type 1 for about 27 years and recent diagnosed with Mastopathy. The lumps feel like they are getting bigger and more painful. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this. Does anyone out there have this too?

I’ve got lump tissue in my breast. The only good thing is it isn’t cancer which is the first thing I thought of. I had a quick look on the internet but I don’t like reading into things like this. I have been told that I have nothing to worry about. Like you, I haven’t heard of it either and wondered how common/.uncommon it is!

Verity - I’ve been diabetic for about 23 years and I had surgery for diabetic mastopathy about 2 years ago. I had painless, but hard lumps in both my breasts. So far, I’ve only had the one in my right breast removed. It wasn’t harming me in any way from what my doctor said, but the lumps and the surgery may impede breast feeding if/when I have a child.

I am pretty versed on diabetes and its complications and had NEVER heard of this before, so you are not alone! :slight_smile:

It seems to be fairly rare - not even sure if they (docs) know what causes it.

Hi Verity - there are so many hidden nooks and crannies here at Tudiabetes, I just discovered this now! I had posted a blog about my experience with Diabetic Mastopathy. Hopefully what occurred with me, with my doctors not knowing what was the cause of the lumps, until I discovered what it was (after numerous surgeries) - it will save you and others from what I feel is unnecssary surgery. I felt like a cancer victim at time - but with no support - very scary.

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