Diabetic Mastopathy

I wrote up a blog the other day about my experience of undergoing various “experiments” for a little known “hiccup” that effects some long term diabetics in their breast (haven’t come across any men with this - but you never know - maybe they’ve been touched by it - just never spoken about it).

Anyway, check out my blog here at Tudiabetes - would love to hear from others that maybe have this condition - how you’ve handled it - and how I can perhaps help you not go thru’ what I did.

The Story of My Dolly Partons as I fondly call them

Anna from Montreal aka FatCatAnna at http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog

Thank you for sharing your story Anna! I had never heard about this before and I learned a lot by reading your post.

I noticed that it was mentioned that this occurs usually in “long time” diabetics. How long had you had diabetes? Also, do they think it is caused by the insulin we inject?

Thanks for asking Kristen,

At the point I was diagnosed with this condition (or I self diagnosed myself) - I had been diabetic for (counting on my fingers here) - 24 years.

According to medical documents I had come across - uncontrolled diabetes can lead to this - so again - of course - maintaining good blood sugars can maybe prevent this. Again, as I’ve told others in the blog post - the way my growths went so wacky could be due to a motorcycle accident I had in my early '20’s - I thumped my chest area pretty hard - so possible scarring could have caused my condition to blossom the way it did. Really, it’s hard to say for sure - perhaps the insulins I used in the past lead up to it.

Main thing is - I’m alive - it’s not cancer - and perhaps if others (both men and women) have abit of knowledge about this that I’ve shared here - leaving the growths alone after less evasive procedures are done (core samples or needle biopsy) - will spare them the grief of what I went thru’. Everytime I felt another growth - and saw my flesh sinking in - it was always that - “is it cancer” - and waiting for results - not fun. Due to not being cancer - I had no support - which made it not pleasant at times - but luckily, as you know - I have abit of humour and craziness on my side - I managed to get thru’ it along with a very supportive hubby and family.