Foot Pain?

I’m curious if other parents have Diabetic kids who complain of foot pain? I’ve been concerned that Elisabeth says one of her feet is hurting all over, but I can see nothing that would cause her pain. She prefers me to use her toes for BG checks, but I’m trying to give her toes a rest while her foot is hurting. I plan to speak to the Endo on Monday, but I am hoping it’s not nerve damage. It seems that it’s too early for this…she’s only 4!
Thanks, Jessica

they might send her to the foot doctor they rub all kids of thing on her foot to see if she feels it on her feet… and so on but her endo has to refer you to them. ara cut his foot in the summer a little and his endo send him to foot doc. and thats what they did he was fine but those were the test. hope everything goes well!!!

Thank you both for your responses. We saw the endo today and she said her feet look good, but to note if they hurt when she’s wearing a certain shoe, etc. She said if it persists she may need to see a pediatric foot doctor. When I asked about neuropathy (knowing it’s too early) she said that Elisabeth is too young to have that. She said that if she is tightly controlled, she doesn’t expect Elisabeth to have a lot of diabetic complications, which I also hope for.

Thankfully Elisabeth has not complained of foot pain since.
Thank you!