Diabetic Pick-Up Lines

So, in lieu of another discussion thread, throw in your best diabetic pick-up lines. I’ll start.

“Slow down sugar. I’m a diabetic.”

Baby, you look sweet enough to put me in a coma so you could have your way with me… oh wait, you won’t need to put me in a coma for that to happen

Yes, I’m a bad man

hahaha too cute!

cute… always cute. or nice… “oh you’re such a nice guy”… /sigh

well this isn’t really a diabetic one, but my favorite would have to be the old one where you pick up a sugar packet (it has to say SUGAR on it) and go up to someone and say “I think you dropped your name tag”.

I like that one. I guess SPLENDA wouldn’t work…

:frowning: sorry, I know what you mean. Does it help that I don’t know you? Hell, for all I know you could be one wicked bad ■■■ that’s definitely not the “nice guy” :slight_smile:


With you around Sweety, who needs glucose tabs?

PERFECT!!! Love that one! Sorry, I know I’m totally not contributing, only thoroughly enjoying all of everyones lines. Maybe i’ll come up with one of my own…maybe…

yep, that’s it! I’m a mean old man

you kids!!! Get offa my lawn!!!

What about this t-shirt I saw months ago (and actually made a transfer of for a shirt of my own):

Kiss a Diabetic. It’s all the sugar they get!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Scott: You aminal, you!

wow lol. you’re bad!

LOL so far so good. I always think it’s funny when people say “oohhh your to sweet” to somebody else. I look at them like their crazy because you know being to sweet= extra ketones. So i tell them that if they were actually that sweet i wouldn’t want to be them.
My turn:
I’m feeling kinda low could you give me some sugar(aka kisses), and some of your sandwich (lol!!!)

excuse me Miss , could you please help me read my meter it says (143).

Kiss Me I’m Diabetic,It’s The Only Sugar I Get

Well now I need to open that t-shirt store, and prominently display that shirt! That’s awesome.

You could replace the sugar packet trick with Sweet-n-Low, if you don’t mind the sexual harassment suit that follows…

And Scott, I don’t believe for a minute you’re the sweet/friend type. That’s what I thought my husband was, until he kissed me. The “sweet” ones are the biggest animals!

Sorry, I don’t have any pick-up lines. I usually just wore a push-up bra and that worked fine. :smiley:


How very clever!! You never cease to surprise me!!

Lois La Rose

Hey All!

I said that t-shirt line FIRST!!! I demand my just desserts!!

Lois La Rose