Diabetic Products are Non-Taxable Goods

I thought I would pass this along in the hopes of saving some of us a few of our hard earned dollars. Diabetic goods are expensive enough and therefore most states have made them exempt from sales tax. To my knowledge, I have never been taxed for any diabetic goods in my almost 23 years.

In Ohio, my state, the Ohio Department of Taxation list diabetic supplies that are exempt for sales tax like this:

"Sales of drugs for a human being, dispensed pursuant to a prescription; insulin as recognized in the offical United States phamacooeia; urine and blood testing materials when used by diabetics or persons with hypoglycemia to test for glucose or acetone; hypodermic syringes and needles when used by diabetics for insulin injections; hospital beds when purchased by hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities; and medical oxygen dispensing equipment."

This part is also related to pump suplies, CGMs and such, "The purchase of durable medical equipment for home use, or mobility enhancing equipment, when made pursuant to a prescription and when such devices or equipment are for use by a human being."

I have only mistakenly been taxed twice. The first time was 10 years ago in Chicago when I was buying test strips. For some reason the barcode did not scan and the clerk manually entered the item and added tax. I quickly informed him that strips are non-taxable and it was quickly corrected.

As you may have guessed, yesterday I was taxed for a bottle of control solution for my glucometer (that needs a new battery) from a big box store. I noticed that I was taxed a few seconds after I left the store and returned to correct the issue. After explaining to a few managers that I was right I was refunded the $0.74 tax and appoligized to many times. They promised that they would correct the error.

I feel like this is a small victory for the little guy! This may not be a lot of money, but I feel that this is a matter of principle moreso than the dollar amount.