Diabetic Runner Challenge (Part III) + Team Type 1

I’m still logging some miles for the 2008 Diabetic Runner Challenge. If you haven’t signed up but like to run, jog, walk, or log miles on your feet, then I encourage you to sign up!! :slight_smile:
Since I last posted my miles, I ran the annual DARCARS Pike’s Peek 10K, which was great!! The course was point-to-point, rather than a loop, and I really liked that. It had a few rolling hills, but wasn’t too bad. My brother ran it with me, as usual, and we had a great time!
Anyway, here are my miles since I last posted them:

March 23 - 4.10
March 24 - 3.02
March 25 - 2.03
March 28 - 1.50
March 30 - 3.31

Here is my home-made mileage calendar for April:

And here's May (so far):

So, total mileage since I last logged my miles comes to 78.37, and my total miles for the DR Challenge (since January 1) totals 214.43. I think that means I am on track to complete the full 500 miles by World Diabetes Day, or at least by the end of the year. Speaking of cardio, my husband and I went to the U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic this past weekend, which is a pro bike race, and we saw some of the guys from Team Type 1! My husband took some pictures, and we cheered from the sidelines as they flew past us. It was great!! Not only is TT1 a great inspiration, in my opinion, but I also appreciate the fact that they are bringing attention to T1, and hopefully people are getting educated in the process! Here are some photos from the race: