Run run run

Well I’m new here but have been enjoying perusing the site. I accepted Jamie, the Diabetic Runner’s, challenge for 2008 by taking the 500 miles challenge. I’m a little behind since I didn’t start my runs for this challenge until Feb. 18th! I actually have probably 6-10 miles from January but I didn’t log those anywhere so I’m not counting them. I’m logging my miles through Nike+ and so far it’s been fun to think about my running in terms of the challenge. I hope that other diabetic runners sign up as well… it’s not really too late!

Go for it! I think that sounds like a wonderful goal. In fact, I’m encouraged to think about doing that myself. Why not. Might as well run towards something. Good luck to you! Rebecca

Hey Cait, I am doing the challenge, too! I signed up for an 8K on March 15 so that is also keeping me motivated.
I’m glad you are also doing the Challenge! I really hope more tuD members sign up, too. Good luck with all those miles, and don’t worry about catching up–I’m sure you can do it. :slight_smile: