Diabetic Vitamins

I recently just started taking diabetic vitamins called Multi-betic. I was wondering if anyone else took such things and if they really do help in the ways they say to.

I’ve tried the Multi-betic, but I concluded that it was a waste. Here is a comparison of what is in the vitamin (http://www.diabeticproducts.com/images/multi.pdf) against other common brands. I actually buy the costco premium vitamin, which has basically all the same levels of key vitamins but only costs $14 for 300 tablets, far cheaper. I also supplement further with vitamin D, a B complex, fish oil and additional electrolytes.

Hi Taylor,

I’ve tried those too. When you look at the vitamins listed on the back, the multi-betic vitamins are virtually identical to all the other one-a-day vitamins on the market. I think Multi-betic is marketing baloney.

And like bsc, I use a generic one-a-day vitamin and supplement with a fish oil capsule.

Cheers, Mike

Thank you bsc and Mike. My boyfriend was the one who bought them for me cause he thought they would help and i believe they were on sale as well lol.

As for Dave… its not that easy to eat as healthy as i wish because i still live under the roof of my parents and my mom refuses to buy healthier food because she seems to think it all “taste crappy”. Therefore i do feel the need to take vitamins, thank you.