Diabetic Wife and Pregnancy

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My wife and I are both type 1 diabetics and have been for over 15 years. She is currently pregnant with our second child. Sadly our first pregnancy resulted in a stillbirth and our son Anthony died at 35 weeks of pregnancy. She became pregnant again probably 10 weeks after the stillbirth and she is now 20 weeks.

The doctors were unable to give us a reason why the first still birth happened. The only noticeable thing with our baby after the autopsy was that he was big (9 pounds at 35 weeks).
Now at 20 weeks pregnancy with our little girl, we have noticed with the endo and obyn that her insulin demand has not increased as it should normally in a pregnancy but rather has been decreasing even as recent as week 19. The doctors said that this could be because of a problem with the hormones from the placenta and if this trend of not needing to increase the insulin continues, then there is a high chance that the baby would need to be prematurely born after taking some steroids to help the lungs. They did say it is still too early to tell and no blood test or ultrasound can identify this problem but it can cause premature birth(34 weeks was their estimate).

Has anyone experienced a decrease in insulin needs during mid pregnancy or have any experience with a similar situation. We are looking for any type of knowledge on this.

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Yes, I was diagnosed with Type 2 before I had any pregnancies. Then I had 3 sons in 3 years. During all three pregnancies I had perfect blood sugar. No problems at all. I've always explained it as a gift from God. My first son was born 6 weeks early and he weighed 4 lbs. 15 oz. He grew quickly and had no health problems. Because I was a newborn nursery nurse, the hospital let me bring him home the day after he was born.

And, stillbirths can happen to anyone; even women without diabetes. Sometimes the doctors never know why. Try not worry (although it's is part of being a parent.) Best wishes to you and your family.

Your story sounds a little like mine. Twenty-four years ago, I was pregnant with a boy who ended up being stillborn at about 36 weeks. I never got any definitive answer as to why he was lost. I got pregnant again within four months with a girl. She’s about to turn 23 in October. I also have another daughter who is 21. Unfortunately, I can’t address the low insulin requirement question. I read your story and it sounded so similar to mine. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for your loss. I know your pain. I also know the joy of giving birth to a live baby. It’s amazing. Hang in there.

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i wish you guys luck with your pregnancy and pray for a healthy baby!