My sister's BS is .....!

I have 4 sisters. Three of us had gestational diabetes. #1 is in denial, # 2 is pre-diabetic, #3 is not telling, but I think she is having issues, I am #4 and T2, and #5 is also T2.

I was Dx'ed in 2000, and have long been convinced that my other sisters were having issues because our grandparents and parents are all diabetic. It's not necessarily a weight issue. I was not obese when I was diagnosed, nor was (is) my father. My Grandmother on my Mother's side was heavy, but not obese, and the only one who is morbidly obese is my Mother, and she has the tightest control of us all for some crazy reason. I believe it has to do with a gamma-globulin issue she has (IGA) and it keeps her in check.

The oldest sister is the one who has been in denial, and today she finally went to get her blood sugar checked because she has been losing her sight, and is very thirsty. The Diabetes Educator could not even get her BS to register, so she was sent to the ER. Yes, her BS was 619. Six Hundred and Nineteen. Holy cow.

For the longest time she has been angry, combative, depressed, and just so very hard to be around. We have all tried to get her to have her blood sugar checked, but she is stubborn and "does not believe" in diabetes.

She has been on an insulin drip all afternoon and it is down in the 400's now. She's pretty freaked out, and crying ... you know how it is to get this diagnosis.

I am on my way to the hospital to check on her and see if she needs anything more than a hug.

I have never ever heard of a blood sugar being so high.

I will pray that she is in a mood to see me today (note comments about her attitude above). Prayers and good thoughts sent her way would be so appreciated right now! Also, I will tell her about TUDiabetes!

Since you mention weight issues I gather you suspect T2 diabetes. If that's the diagnosis given her I would suggest also that they investigate LADA. It's not unheard of for a Type 1 LADA to be misdiagnosed as a T2. 619 is a very high read for a T2.

Your sister is going to want your help even if she doesn't know it yet. She's lucky to have a sister that can help her thru this trying time. I will keep your sister and you in my thoughts.


619 is pretty high but I think that a lot of people have reported quite numbers flying up quite bit higher, > 1000 mg/dl at dx, depending on the circumstances. I think mine was like 685 as I'd eaten Cap'n Crunch, drank grape Kool-aid (probably regular...) and threw up before my mom said "ok, you're going to the doctor!". The thing I still remember the most about when I was diagnosed was how much better I felt once they got it straightened out!

Yes, she is going to be in a much better frame of mind once she gets stabilized. Imagine how hortible she must feel with blood sugar up in tge 600s.

I spent the evening with her at the hospital. We talked and talked. Her BS was 241 about 1/2 an hour ago. We talked about what it's like to be diabetic, and we also were very honest about her behaviors - I am hoping she will consider counseling and even talk to a doc about being bi-polar, but one step at a time. I hope she will begin to take better care of herself, and learn from her sisters who have already started down this path. I love her but she sure makes it a challenge to like her. My fingers are crossed.
In the meantime, I need dinner and to take my own BS, and follow my own advice.

Thanks for listening everyone.