Diabetic zoo


Alright so had a really tough day at work, (nurse ) so need to blow off steam. Right so my first money maker idea is a diabetic zoo. We start small like with hedgehogs and foxes with diabetes and then when enough of the public are blown away by our amazing small animal zoo we graduate to horses , tigers and the cream of the crop a diabetic hippopotamus. Who in their right mind wouldn’t pay good money to see a diabetic hippopotamus? I’m Irish so everyone would come to see a diabetic Irish hippopotamus.
My other ingenious plan is an all exclusive diabetic night club, “Club Sugar” . Diabetics get on free pending on HbA1C,s . And like a special VIP for diabetics or something, I haven’t worked out the finer points yet but someday it’ll happen.

Anyone else have any other “Amazing” diabetic plans???


Here is a terrific idea for a Diabetic game show.



Mmm…Well, I do have a happy diabetic cat and could probably adopt a few more from shelters—or my vet knows to call us if they have a kitty nobody will adopt due to health concerns. Maybe we could broaden the base just a bit. Though yes, of course a diabetic hippo would be something to see–could be very interesting interviews with his or her physicians—hehe—that’s a heck of a lot of diet and bolusing to figure out!..Whimsy is always a nice resting Place when one is frazzled, so you go with it and have fun!..


I love the idea. Does anyone know which wild animals get diabetes and with what frequency? Or is it just domesticated animals eating man made diets? I think that’d be a worthwhile research topic


How about an art gallery where all the works of art are made from recycled dia-junk (used test strips, Pods, tubing, vials, syringes, pen needles/caps, set inserters, packaging, etc.)? Entrance fee would be reasonable and all proceeds go towards providing insulin for PWDs in third world countries.


Well, considering the time of year, how about a diabetes-themed version of A Christmas Carol? Jacob Marley’s place could be taken by Joslin or Banting, and the protagonist would be visited by spirits represnting diabetes past, present, and future . . . .

Just brainstorming here


The spirit of diabetes future could wear an iLet. Or better yet, s/he could be diabetes-free, after having engineered “The Cure”.


How about a cooking/game show where non-D people have to make meals with a specific amount of carbs (What do you mean fruit has carbs?). The person closest wins.


I like this idea, but I think a panel of diabetic judges should do a taste test, perhaps eat a plated meal, and test within range after the meal.


You guys made me laugh. I love all these ideas. Humor is always good.


The spirit of diabetes future would, of course, be from 5 years from now.


ROFLMAO :laughing:


Alright @David_dns----You got me—I’m trying to learn these emojis and acronyms and whatever did you just say?..Wait—the emoji looks like a hearty guffaw, perhaps?


ROFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off


Okay—That’s a handy one at times, for sure! Thanks, @rgcainmd


Judith, there are two ways to get that emoji. (a) you can click on the happy face icon on top of the data entry window (where you type this stuff), and it will present you with a large choice of emojis to select from, or (b) you can type this–

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We actually had a group here called “diabetes supplies art” and we had several contests. this group did not port over when we migrated, but you can see images of some of the artwork here.

I remember @Lorraine posting Christmas ornaments made from old pods & bottles of insulin. and artwork done by @Zoey_Stevens and @Andreina_Davila


Sorry to say but I think most of you need to get your heads examined as these are stupid strange ideas.
Except the disease, live with it but don’t let it control your being.


After re-reading my post after my morning caffeine fix, I am removing it as I find it to be in very poor taste! My heartfelt apologies to anyone who had the misfortune to read it before I removed it. :flushed:


This, Thas, is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week!