Type 1 and open shoulder surgery - how to manage diabetes?

I’m most likely going in for an open shoulder surgery to repair shoulder instability in a few weeks and would like to hear from those who have had similiar surgeries and are type 1 diabetics. I’m a highly active athlete and my diabetes is under good control. I’m a big skier and dislocated my shoulder a few years back and just recently threw it out again. This is my first surgery and I’m a little freaked to go under the knife, but am also a bit concerned about how to make sure my surgeon’s team is addressing my diabetes appropriately and what to expect about blood sugars during and after surgery. Perhaps some advice/protocol would be helpful so I can be proactive with my surgeon. My husband plans on being around the day of surgery and then throughout the day that first week after surgery to help me when I’m on pain meds. Please leave me positive advice…and not horror stories! Fun stuff!


First off don’t be surprised if your insulin usage goes up big time. I know when I had surgery to fix my deviated septum that my BG was all over the place. It would be high and I would just keep bolusing and it would creep downwards but ever so slowly. Other than that just relax and watch TV. Good luck on your surgery I am sure everything will be OK.


Just a fun story from my appendectomy!

Apparently I was very worried about them monitoring my blood sugar and as they gave me the anesthetic, I began repeating OVER and OVER and OVER again:

“I have type 1 diabetes, I have type 1 diabetes, I have type 1 diabetes, I have type 1 diabetes,…”

Next time, I think that I will just write it all over my body :slight_smile:

I hope that all will go well. I had surgery due to an infection-- so I had fever and insulin resistance for the week after surgery, but no major problems!

Let us know how it goes!