Diabetes related Tattoos

I’ve seen several posts from the “Do you wear medical ID jewelry” discussion regarding people’s diabetes related tattoos.
I’m wondering how many of you have diabetes related tattoos?
How did you decide to get one?
What does it mean to you?
What does it look like?
Can you upload a picture of it?
If you don’t have one, have you thought about it?

Looking forward to your input.

I’ve thought about it. Can’t decide if I like the idea of being permentaly, visibly marked as a diabetic? That’s my biggest issue with it. I have lots of other tattoos? What would I do if I was suddenly cured? (Still holding out hope of that!!) It costs a lot of money to remove a tattoo…

when there is a cure i will just get a cover up tattoo, by then it will have served its purpose… however it saving me once it already has.
mike moon

just got my medic alert tattoo. I’m really happy with it. Designed it myself!


That is really cool Alisha. I didn’t realize so many people had them when I decided to start designing mine. I haven’t finished it yet. Me and my artist have been making decision on it for about 2 years now. I want a bracelet around my wrist with the med alert on top and the diabetic underneath. We’ll finish the design once I get my A1C back down from 10. My artist won’t touch me till I’m in the 7s atleast…lol. How many tattoo artist can you say cares that much about their canvas?


You’ve got a good artist if they told you they wouldn’t touch you until your A1C is better. I wanted to have a tat done by Pat Fish (in California) - on my ankle - and she refused to do it there - because of the way diabetics heal. I was pretty amazed that she would say this (she wrote a personal email to me explaining her reasons). It’s good that there are some tat artists out there that are up on their medical stuff!

BTW, I do have one tat so far, not diabetes related, I’m like you still working on that unique design to signify my being a PWD (person with diabetes).

I felt the same way for years. Then I decided waiting for a cure was really a waste of my time. If I am cured in my lifetime I will have my tattoo converted into something else beautiful!

Now this is very interesting…a tattoo placed in plain sight to let first responders know medical condition(s) is a great idea.

As for the ones who are worried that as soon as they get the tattoo…a cure will be found…Hey…get the tattoo already! I’ll pay for the removal of the tattoo, and a nice cruise for you. LOL