Diabetics are not required to return to work if summond in MN

We are supposed to just sit tight and keep collecting unemployment.
The Govenor mentioned us specifically.

Its possible that, although I was denied unemployment, I am recieving some other thing and I am making more now than when I worked.

Yeah, Covid vacation!!! Best plauge EVER!!! I was wrong about you, Covid. Your the best! Yeah diabetes! Yeah EVERYTHING!!! Covid cares. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:Time for a dance party!



Very interesting and very progressive! Bravo tutti!!!

That seems better than your neighbors in WI that flooded the bars last night when the WI Supreme Court overruled the governor’s shelter-in-place rules.

It appears as if the USA is running a 50-state experiment to see who can survive COVID-19 in the best fashion.

Me? I’m voting for a thoughtful, scientifically based recovery …

Stay safe!


PS, I notice that MN’s daily COVID-19 case numbers have been increasing over the past 2-3 weeks when they had been great for so long. Is that related to meat processing?

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Meat processing doubled the State case count.

WI is screwed. They are the drunkest state in the nation - slightly drunker than us. They are going down, but they is gonna have fun doing it. Drive around WI if you have to go cross country in the next few weeks. Thats a good practice even in the best of times. WI Police radio should be great listening this weekend.

MN is one of the true blue, but I think they all must have struck a deal where money = open up earlier. GOP controls the Senate and I think all of this emergency stuff bypasses the House (DFL) completley. Split government - Govenor DFL. So, I think they had to strike a bipartisan deal. They been fighting with each other. They are gonna end up working this summer in special session. Covid has been floating around the House.

I’m voting for DANCE PARTY !!!


Thanks for your insights. I will be on the road soon … but driving from NM to CA will probably not take me very close to WI!

On my drive, I’m always amazed at how two desert Southwest states that both earned statehood in 1912 could turn out with one very red (AZ) and one very blue (NM). About the only thing they share is a 75 MPH speed limit on I-40 …

Have a good weekend and stay safe!


You too. Drive safe. NM is a beautiful drive, but I have been more terrified there than almost anywhere - the winds and the giant jackrabbits!