MN covid meeting

I don’t know if your guys’s states all have regular covid meetings (I know some of you do).

The covid meeting is really fun today because they are giving info that I think is relevant to other states, but it is a really long meeting. So, perhaps this is for covid enthusiasts or diabetics who are really interested in vacc practice.

What is widely relevant is that they say that States have some latitude, but that the Feds have ownership of the vaccine and they are gonna ask states to follow CDC issued guidelines very closley. So, all of our diabetic vacc schedules should all be sinked under a very similar timeline - When I vacc in MN will be similar to when Terry4 vaccs in Oregon, will be similar to when El_Ver vaccs, etc.

I sent the meeting to my brother. He immediately texts back…

"Waltz: Moderna expected to be better stored and used for Greater Minnesota, with Pfizer vaccine for urban areas.

Sounds like some type of veiled attempt at injecting nano bots into rural areas to take them over. Nanobots made by BILL GATES."

"Moderna. Take the 6th letter. A, 3 points, 666. Gates is reincarnating an ancient alien civilization plan to conquer the world and turn us all into #nanoslaves.


…that’s how my brother keeps me up to date on the interweb gossip.

Nanobots don’t exist yet outside of science fiction. A nit-picking point, yes, but one that I still think is important to remember.

Also, isn’t the “a” in “Moderna” the 7’th letter? :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:


I saw that. We totally got him on that.

Now, I’m no nanobots expert. But, I have been googling nanobots a lot lately and I think they DO exist. We should know for sure because they are guaranteed to come up in conversation.

Did the Russians make everyone afraid of nanobots in the vaccine?

I saw nothing in the links you posted to indicate nanobots exist. The first link talks about folks who are doing research trying to come up with something which someday, maybe, possibly, could lead to something like a nanobot. But everything they are doing is still very far from that.

I don’t know what the second link said other than a lot of people are saying ridiculous stuff about the upcoming vaccines. I ascribe that to there being more and more people now who are capable of looking you straight in the eyes and telling you a bald faced lie as though it is the truth. There also appear to be unexpectedly more people who are hungry to believe lies.

This greatly saddens me. I fear for the future of life on this planet. :frowning_face:

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The 2nd link from BBC tells about the nanobot rumors and why they are connected with Bill Gates. That was confusing for me.

UC SanDiego says they have nanobots in that article. Its from 2018. Nanobots might be old hat. We might be behind the times.

There’s a photo of the nanobots in the 1st article. It looks like this:

If “gold nanowires with a coating” of organic membranes is a nanobot, then the bar for “robot” is apparently not very high. What I took away from this is that these are completely passive devices. I expect they are no more intelligent than hemoglobin is. Possibly less so.

Yes, they can call them nanobots. In my opinion that is more about positioning your research for funding than anything else.

Maybe its time to let the term ‘nonbot’ go by the wayside. It seems to be getting people really worked up. :sweat_smile:

The problem here is that too many people consume too much fantasy sci if content.
It then gets blended into the real world of science.
The person who named those things nanobot did it because he knew it would be familiar to a lot of people. Therefore giving him some kind of credibility.
Then an average person reads about that and thinks about a Star Trek episode and then thinks we are cyborgs.

I love hearing otherwise reasonable people claim they don’t want the covid vaccine because the government has installed tracking devices in the injection.

All the while carrying around a cell phone , which actually is a tracking device that we all voluntarily carry around everywhere we go. And yet worried taht some science fiction nano bot is being created to do what you already gave up.

Science fiction has taken over, made up stories and lies rule the day.
It’s no different then it was in the past where people would sell snake oil to unsuspecting people, and belief in old wives tales.

We had a short period where there was news being shared, news taht was checked and generally true.
Now it’s muddled, its hard to know who is lying and who is crazy and who is Fantasizing.

The world is crazy

Walter Cronkite RIP. Hope he can’t see what is going on down here now in broadcasting from up above.

While I agree to a point, I have a gut reaction to this kind of statement. I think this perspective is heavily encouraged by those who want you to not trust mainstream news so that they can sell you their snake oil.

When people think they can’t trust the news, they seek out other, much less reputable sources. Hence the widespread conspiracies we’re dealing with now.

So yeah, does the mainstream media get things wrong? Sure, but if you’re careful about your news sources and recognize any political leanings that may exist as you read those mainstream news sources, then those are the best sources.

No one is perfect, so your news is likely to have a lean even when someone is trying their best not to be biased. People have lots of nostalgia for the good old days when supposedly the news had no political leaning, but I suspect that the lean was often there and people just couldn’t see it because information wasn’t as readily available then.

Alright. The sticking point that I’m hitting now is not that people are opposed to vaccination, but just don’t feel compelled to get it. I think this is super common for people who have been working throughout covid because they have squeaked by just fine.

One of my dear friends told me last week that her husband’s boss got vaccinated and then got really sick (hospitalized with a fever 104). She said he had a serious immune reaction to the vaccine. This was making her afraid. I told her that it sounds a lot like he got actual covid. She says he didn’t. Anybody heard of anything like this. I hear tuff like this floating around a lot that is based on personal experience. Uncertain what to say.