Minnesota Drivers License Change?

@mohe0001 I think you are the person who has posted often about drivers license problems in Minnesota. I just read this on Facebook:

" Minnesota’s first diabetes related legislation has been introduced and will have its first committee hearing this Thursday, January 28. This legislation would repeal the drivers license reporting requirements for diabetics. Those of us with Minnesota’s chapter of #insulin4all will be available to assist anyone who is interested in providing testimony for this hearing. Linked and listed below are links to the bill, to find your representatives and their contact info to, ideally, gain their support for the passage of this legislation, and all the information about the bill, which I will include in a separate post.

Find your representative




If you are interested in providing written or oral testimony on a scheduled bill, please contact the committee administrator at john.howe@house.mn by 5:00 p.m. the day before the hearing. As time will be limited, written testimony is encouraged"



I had given up on this because of flu.
Also, the DMV had created some software this year to ease the burden of tracking and submitting this paperwork. Also, I had no intention of going down to the capitol to reprimand them in person.

Holy crap, I better move fast. My representative hates me and all diabetics. But, I’m cool with the Senate and he will vote for us if it gets that far.

Ahhh, Davnie’s running it. He’s good for it.

Thanks for the update, @Laddie. Are you pre-registering for 65+ popup clinic vaccination? You might not be old enough, but I am looking all over for people who are. Tell your friends and neighbors. It will only run until 5am.

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Ok. Well I think it would be easier to just lie when questioned about diabetes. That’s what happens when they make it so very difficult.
In California you get a note once a year from your doctor, and it’s pretty easy, but I assume if you don’t check that box, no one would know.

I went probably 10 years before I even realized I was supposed to tell the dmv.

The question starts off Do you have epilepsy or any other condition that might cause you to lose consciousness?

I always said no because well, I never really lost consciousness.
However they added diabetes and insulin in the question and well then I had to start getting a note.

However what if I didn’t? Not sure they would let me reverse it now, but I mean for newly diagnosed.

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Lots of foreign students lie. They know the drill when they come here.
They don’t stay long, so its best in a lot of cases.

But, if they catch you lying, I think they take away your license for 2 years.

Yup, once they know, they know. there’s no going back. Epileptics can get the diagnosis reversed a lot of the time, once they are stable for an extended period and show a clean EEG. But, I don’t know any diabetics who have done that. Hypothetically, you could because its only for people who take insulin. So, if you stop taking insulin, they could potentially back off those requirements.

New legislation looks solid. Only have to get the form signed every 4 years. I’ll take that.

@Laddie, I’m guessing that they have tons of people to provide testimony upfront.
So, I’ll let them do that and I’ll hold off and see how the arguments progress.
I don’t anticipate any trouble getting through the House because this was ready to move before covid.

I’m more concerned about the Senate. Perhaps I’ll start digging around there.
If people present any persuasive arguments, I’ll be ready to jump in with testimony.

Things are really rolling, now.

Statement of support from ADA in Denver…

MN H103 ADA .pdf (80.9 KB)

I spend my winters in Arizona and have an appointment for the first dose of the vaccine in late February. I am definitely +65.

In terms of the drivers license stuff in Minnesota, I am always stressed at the form but have never had any issues. I get the form, fill out my part, message it to the endo whose assistant (with the endo’s signature) fills out their part and faxes it to the DMV. The assistant messages me that the form was filled out and submitted. They check the max date until the form is required again (4 years, I think).

I can remember bad lows when driving back in the days before home BG monitoring, pumps, and for sure CGM. I have always felt that the form being filled out means absolutely nothing in terms of what could happen tomorrow or next week. And as a senior I could also have a heart attack or stroke while driving as could anyone my age.

Stupid requirement but I find it easier to just fill out the form. With your history I understand your different view.

I would never lie on my driver’s license application because IMO your license would be valid if you lied. My guess if you had an accident your insurance company might not cover the accident because of the lie and the “invalid” license.

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So far, none of the 65+ers have gotten an appointment. I’m disappointed. :frowning:
But, now I know that you have, so I feel better. :grinning:

Here we come…diabetics are circling like sharks. 1:00 committee meeting CST. They are lucky that we aren’t vaccinated yet.

It went really, really well. People threatened to take it to the Supreme Court for violation of Americans with Disibilities Act. Its getting fast tracked to the Senate.


So true. None of their business as to what I have/have not. Im personally responsible for my actions

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