Diabetics need to read this

Kerri Morrone of sixuntilme.com posted a tweet about a comment she received on her blog about a miracle cure for Diabetes. I think we all know that there is no cure for Diabetes (Yet!) we I had a few choice words regarding this. Come check them out:

You Messed With The Wrong People


You know, honestly, I’m torn about what to do with that guy.

First and foremost, I want to protect us and our private information. If you send a cure spammer like that an email, he can then target you for future solicitation. And for every hit he can track off of Kerri’s website from that post, he can make money from his advertisers, etc.

Secondly, I agree that he messed with the wrong people. :slight_smile: Go get 'em, team.

I sent him an email from an old email account (that I don’t use anymore). So he can solicit there all he wants. Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Tom,

I read the message that you wrote on Kerri’s blog about type 1 diabetes. I just have one question:

Do you know what type 1 diabetes is?

People have tried to “ween” themselves off insulin, resulting in coma and death. I just wanted to let you know that unless your VIBRANT health plan involved insulin injections, then STAY AWAY from people with type 1 diabetes. There may be some people with type 1 diabetes who are less educated and actually believe what you say that you can reverse and get off of the “magic pill”. If they stop taking their insulin, in a matter of days, they will be dead and it will be your fault for giving false information and false hope to people in a desperate situation.

So I hope that you will read some more about type 1 diabetes and the lifestyles we have to live to be healthy (it’s probably a lot more work than whatever you suggest) and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t EVER tell ANYONE that your method can “reverse type 1 diabetes” without first publishing a medical paper with the cure.

I hope that the flood of emails from people who deal with type 1 diabetes makes you start to think and inspires you to do a LITTLE research. I also hope that you have not already caused the death of someone with type 1 diabetes based on your misinformation.