Diabetics on injections (MDI)

I have a few questions for all of you.

  1. How many of you use injections (vs. using the pump)?
  2. If you are on injections(MDI), would you like to use a small device (imagine something like a small calculator) that allowed you to electronically compute boluses based on BG readings and carbs, take in to account insulin on board, and provide an electronic log of your BGs (manually entered) and insulin shots?
  3. Are you aware of such a device in the market today?
  4. How much would you pay for the device if it came on the market?

Thank you for your responses

  1. I currently take a minimum of 4 injections a day but can be up to 7-8 (depending on activities and snacks)
  2. yeah, I would definitely interested.
  3. what you describe sounds like an insulin pump.
  4. What would I pay? well, if it meant better control and lower possibility of complications, I think I would pay whatever it cost. Unfortunately I am not made of money so it would be quite some time before I could save up the money to do so.

My two year old daughter is currently doing injections vs. using a pump. I can see the pump in her future, but for the next year+ we will be on MDI (she won’t even wear a band-aid more than 5 minutes). Anything that would make caring for her less frustrating and stressful would be a good thing. I’m not aware of such a device, but I’m also a newbie - she was dx on 6/12/2007. Right now our endo. has Olivia on a set dose of 1 and 1/2 units of NPH and a sliding scale of Humalog (<150=1/2, 151-250=1, and >250=1 and 1/2 units)for breakfast, nothing for lunch (because NPH is working then to eliminate a shot at lunch), a set dose of 1/2 unit Lantus with the same sliding scale of Humalog stated above for dinner, and then a bedtime a sliding scale of Humalog (<100=0, 101-20=1/2 unit, and >200=3/4 unit). I guess you would say that at this point we are not on a insulin to carb ratio. She is still honeymooning so does this make a difference?? When it comes to price - I don’t think I’m educated enough to make a comment about it, but I can say that it sounds interesting. Olivia’s first endo appt. after dx is Oct. 1st -, boy am I going to have alot of questions!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the responses. Regarding responses 3 and 4:

  1. It won’t be an insulin pump, because it won’t pump insulin. It will only serve as an electronic calculator and log, so you can compute bolus doses based on carb intake and BG readings. it will also let you download the data to a PC so you can run trend reports and have your Endo take a look.
  2. As far as cost, the intent is to price it to about $30 to $35, or even lesser. The idea is to offer users who cannot get on a pump, either due to financial reasons or medical issues, a simple way to maintain logs, compute boluses and factor insulin on board when they take additional insulin to correct a high.

Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for the info!

hey, that sounds really great. I would not mind having one even if I was on the pump (which I hope to be soon) so if your idea (which I am guessing is yours) comes to reality, I would definitely support you on this and go out and purchase one. Its a small price to pay for better control and piece of mind.

  1. Me.
  2. Nope, that’s running through my head when I have the energy, and when I don’t have the energy, I definitely don’t have the energy to press buttons either.
  3. Nope.
  4. Maybe ten dollars, just for fun to see it.

I use injections.
I am on a fixed dosage, so the calculator would do me no good, but if i did use one, I would use the one that came with glucoseone from www.glucoseone.com. That is the program i use to track my blood sugar

I use MDI. I have spent quite a while learning how my blood sugar responds to different carb levels and different doses, so I pretty much just figure 1 unit to 15 grams except for breakfast, when I use 2 units for 1 piece of high-fiber whole wheat toast, which is all I can face at breakfast.

If I’m still high at 3 hours, I’ll do another unit.

But I also have learned that I cannot make insulin work well if I eat a lot of carbs. I try to stay with 2 to 3 units which is 30-45 grams of carbs. At that level, it’s easy. More carbs than that and I worry about either spiking too high or going too low at 4 hours.

I do better with R insulin which is a bit slower than Novolog, but I use Novolog when I’m out, or when I space out and forget it’s heading for dinner time.

  1. MDI for me
  2. I would definately love an on board calculation. I’m always afraid of correcting because I’m never clear if my insulin has finished it’s course. Stacking is NOT GOOD!
  3. I think there is an insulin pen out that keeps track of your doses, but none that does any kind of calculations. I know there are also palm programs that help keep track. Also there is a study going on right now for a product called Glucomon, which automatically reads you meter (I think) but then sends out your results wirelessly to whomever you choose. It seems especially good for kids, for parents or caregivers to more easily keep track of trends.
  4. Depends on how effective it is in managing my numbers.

I have had db for 33 years on been on mdi’s for about 22.
When first reading this, I thought “why would I need such a thing when I have it all in my head?”.
But, then, it might be nice. Particularly if it was small and didn’t make another dent in my purse.
If something is truly effective, I would probably be willing to pay a lot for it.

Thank you for the response!

You’re right. Someone on a fixed dosage will not have a need for such a device.
Thank you for the response!

Thank you for the response!

I see insulin stacking and bolus calculation based on carb counting and BG reading as the two biggest needs of diabetics on MDI.
Thanks for the response!

The concept is still in my head, because I certainly saw a need for on when I was diagnosed and started MDI. I’ll be sure to let you know once I have a prototype done.
Thanks for the response!

Thanks for the response!

1: Yup that’s me… 7 or so injections a day.
2: Hmm no… well maybe. I’d like something to store all the info, but I don’t want ANOTHER thing. I’d be happier seeing all that put into a CGMS. I wouldn’t want anything else to keep track of. I think it’s the kind of tool I’d like the idea of, maybe end up getting, but it’d sit in the bottom drawer lacking attention and die from dust overdose and depression in the end :stuck_out_tongue: I suspect it would be a great tool for lots of people though, especially people learning carb counting, and those newly diagnosed, perhaps others who need help with their control.
3: No
4: unsure.

  1. MDI
  2. I do this in my head, but I would be willing to see if it improved my accuracy.
  3. I don’t know of any device like this.
  4. I would buy it in the price range you mentioned. The price of the pump is one of the reasons I haven’t tried it yet.

Hi M,
You make a valid point about having to carry “another thing” as part of the diabetes management regimen. I’ll have to think of creative ways to make the device useful as well as unobtrusive. It is a good viewpoint to have, and one that I had not thought of. Thanks for the response!