Diaetes/severe arthritis and cortisone

Tuesday of this coming week, I will again check in with my ortho docs. My knees aren't getting any better and they are pushing for two knee replacements. Not going to happen if I have anything to say about it. For a variety of very good reasons, I can't do it now. So I've been getting cortison injections, usually one at a time and not more than three times a year. But my arthritis is basically controlled by weather,. And where I live we have had a year of one front after another. Which means my knees are causing me great pain. But I continue to walk and swim, thankfully. The last A1C I had was 5.2 of which I am very happy with after 4 injections an infected finger, and many reasons I would have thought it would be double digits. Right now I am looking for alternative treatments to offer for their consideration. I have very controlled diabetes, my diet is lo carb, I've told you about my exercise, PAIN is my biggest problem now. For the week after the injection, I take and extra 500 mg Met along with 1000 mg of Met twice a day..coming to 2500 mg; Glimerpride at 10 mg a day; along with meds for Hi bp; and emotional problems,

I've looked at insulin, no problem for me with that, but my PCP does have a problem with it. I have looked at braces for support, Glcosamine and Chondroitin, PT; warm water therapy. Are there other things that you are familiar with that could work,. Surgery again is not an option right now, Cortison (and controlling my bgs like a FBI agent) works well, along with Synvisc...which works 50% of the time.

If you have any other ideas I could research and suggest, I'd be happy to share them with the docs, Thanks so much,

OH, and YES do know that it's not the best choice, but the injections are the choice that works for now, thank you.