Revisitng cortizone

revisitng cortizone

Yep I've been here before, and will probably be back again,. I received cortizone injections in my knees,,,,,I try to time them for the least notice on my A1C...,.and yes I have been edicated by wonderful people here that cortisone could hurt my kidneys and liver. I know the facts about cortisone and diabetes,

Just checking in to see if I have missed anything new, or what can I do that will help both,
When I get an injection, I drink LOTS more water to flush whatever from my system, I will be able to swin the day after the shot, so I plan on 50 minutes rather than 30. I test twice as many times and have considered asking my doc for a short term insulin instead of pills,. I am prepared for that,

To all the naysayers,....I want to know what you could or would do if you couldn't' walk with out this injection, I REALLY TRULY have no choice. I have no one who is at home to care for me, if I were to have surgery, a rehab center won't be paid for by my insurance along with the 2 trips a day to PT for at least a month. I have 15 steps up stairs, two dogs who go down fur steps to go outside at least 8 times a day, I am alone at night becaise dh works nights, and no he doesn't have time built up to take off,. My kids are 1500 and 200 miles away and they don't have vacation time for that. So what can you see that I can possibly do?

My injections are planned for next Friday, I will be sticking pretty close to home or out with crutches between now and then....I am feeling pretty low and dejected right now, because I see no alternatives except for the cortisone or synvisc.

I'm looking for alternatives, not lambasting,