Diet & exercise

I had half a donut and a cookie today. I skipped my protein exchange for breakfast so my calories would not go overboard with the cookie I knew I was going to have. A co-worker brought in donuts and a chocolate donut just seemed to be just so tasty that my resolve broke and I cut one in half and ate half. I wonder if I have very much will power with sweets at all. I just have not been buying much at home so I will stay away from them. I have still been woring out regularly. I took a pic of myself a little over a month ago and have made progress between then and now. I just thought I would look a lot more athletic by now since it has been almost 3 months of working out consistently and eating right most of those days. Maybe it is due to the times I have to drink a glass of juice first in order to do my workout without getting a low sugar or maybe it is my week resolve when coworkers bring in stuff that will send my sugars sky high for the rest of the day. I have been good about not eating pizza when it has been around. I guess the trying to eat right is part wanting to take care of my diabetes and part wanting to look good in a swim suit which I have not felt confident in for several years and part not wanting my energy level to bomb out during the day as it does when I eat simple carbs but I feel disappointed currently. I am going to put on my workout clothes and do another tough workout anyway. At least I know I have made some progress. The scale seems to waiver back in forth between 118.6 and 113.6 almost depending on what time of the day I weigh myself. I weighed 117.6 when I started to workout out almost daily and really eat right again 77 days ago. Hope my sugar is where it should be to workout this afternoon. It is summer so I know I am not the only one with these feelings right now. It has been over 100 degrees where I live for the past 3 weeks or so.

I am obsessed with weighing myself a lot too. I need to figure out where the moon is and how it impacts things as I suspect it may be behind (or, more accurately, under?) a lot of the higher end weight things? I have noticed that when I kept track of my food for a while, I was "running hot" on my pump, in that I was having quite a few HFCS-laden jelly beans to keep my BG from crashing out. When that happens, I usually feel stronger if I cut the basals and the jelly beans? I've sort of worked pretty hard to control the amount of carbs I use to fuel workouts as I don't like to run much if my BG goes flying up or down and I feel the best when it's in the middle. Another thing I've noticed is that I seem to get less "bang for my BG buck" if I do the same workout all the time, so I've been trying to do weights/ elliptical on my "off" days from running and I feel as if that's helped me look better in a bathing suit. Although I'm a 44 year old guy so who am I kidding, LOL...

It's a *constant* project to work out a lot w/ diabetes but, since diabetes is sort of a constant project, you might as well work out anyway? I try to compare myself to other people in my "cohort" at work and I suspect I'm doing ok?

So frustrating! I feel the exact same way. Stay away from the scale and start measuring. I have not lost much weight, but I have definitely toned and lost inches. Insulin does NOT help with weight loss and we can't exactly kick that like a bad habit. Weight yourself in the morning always. Do not drink juice before a workout try a handful of healthy nuts and a small piece of fruit. Keep glucose in your sports bra fort an emergency. If you are a little on the low side after a workout relax your sugars will come back up, only eat if you need to. Change up your work outs...and incorporate weight training with cardio. Hope this helps and keep it up!

Thanks. I am doing a variety of calisthenics, small weights and cardio. On my light workout days I go hiking.