Diet Soda? And some foods

Okay TuDiabetes Mothers/expectant Mothers

Is Diet Soda safe to drink during pregnancy? One of my friends said that her doctor said not to drink it because of aspartame and it is unsafe and can harm the baby's development.. I haven't asked my doctor since I have only been to one appointment.

Also, I am starting to feel the "sicknesses" through out all times of the day. Thankfully I haven't gotten sick... (yet)

What are some good things to eat to help this feeling as well as a meal plan that won't upset my stomach? My mom said bland foods like oatmeal and crackers and even do be sure to drink some milk. That is why I ask about the Diet Soda, since I know from when I have felt sick in the past Diet Sprite/Sierra Mist/7Up honestly did seem to help.

I know all people are different when it comes to cravings and feelings and such :)

It seems everyone’s doctor tells her something different about diet soda, but it seems that “not too much” is the general theme. Several friends of mine have limited themselves to one diet soda a day based on doctor advice.

However, there are diet sodas not sweetened with aspartame. I HATE the way that stuff makes me feel, so I look for the Splenda sweetened options. And from everything I’ve heard, Splenda is the only artificial sweetener most doctors allow much of pregnancy.

Alternatives I’ve found since cutting back on aspartame:

-Diet Rite (any flavor, apparently), which is ALSO caffeine free!

-Pepsi One

-Diet Coke with Splenda (I’ve only found it in cans)

-Hansen’s (usually in health food stores, but probably not Whole Foods since I think they still refuse to carry Splenda as it isn’t “natural.”)

I think it’s Hansen’s that also has a diet ginger beer, and ginger is GREAT for settling the stomach!!!

Diet Soda is safe in pregnancy. Just limit it. Like 1 a day. Also caffeine free unless it’s the only caffeinated drink you have all day. When I was pregnant I had a cup of coffee in the AM than 1 diet Coke at lunch.

As for the sickness try either ginger or mints. Since you don’t want to overload on carbs. The other thing is drink water & keep something in your stomach always. 5-6 small meals a day can help.

Good luck. If it gets too bad talk to your doctor. There are meds they can give you to help you. Not sure how they work with diabetes though.

Diet soda is fine during pregnancy according to everything I’ve heard or read. I was a caffeine-aholic pre-preg and had to cut back, but decided to keep my morning coffee (with Splenda), drink decaf iced tea (with Splenda) throughout the day, and have a diet soda or two (with aspartame) on the weekends. No ill effects. My baby is just perfect. (I’m unbiased.) :slight_smile:

As for the sick feelings, what worked for me was that if I kept food in my tummy, I felt much better. Small snacks were key for me.

It’s so funny, I didn’t mention anything to my fiance about Splenda being one of the “safer” sugar substitutes and he bought me a big bag… My next appt. is in two weeks, so like I said… Lots of questions headed my doctor’s way. And crackers and oatmeal are working wonders for me. Hopefully it’ll get my digestive system going and like I will be more regular if you all know what I am saying :wink: Although I read it is common for pregnant women to get constipated, but I didn’t think this early.

Hollie what I learned is any symptom can hit you at any time it likes lol. I had problems with that and heartburn in Trimester 1 and 3. Oatmeal is a good thing to like too as it can help with milk production after you give birth if you plan to breast feed :slight_smile:

I cut my diet soda back to a few a week also and I know that Shasta is made with Slenda too if you are going to stick with that. Crackers work well for me to go with a cheese stick or peanut butter to help with being hungry and with keeping sickness at bay. When I get hungry, I get sick! I also haven’t worried about bland foods as I guess I"m not sick all the time. I’ve had taco’s with hot sauce and spaghettio’s too! I also had constipation early on I think due to the prenatal vitamins! I try and eat extra fruit and veggies plus they sound better than other things also since I have some food aversions too! Good luck!