I’m sorry if this is a repeat thread but I’m having issues with sucralose/splenda food items. It causes my belly to be bloated and it’s uncomfortable. I’m trying to think of ways to eliminate fake sugar from my diet (I think I’m good with getting rid of it in my tea) but obviously it’s been really hard with being new to this.

How do you ladies deal with this? What sweeteners do you use, if any? I should mention I made the biggest mistake of my life and ate a sugar-free HUGE ice cream cone. It has sugar alcohols in it and it was the worst stomach pain ever
Never going there again…

Any advice would be helpful.

Hi there! I have certainly been down the artificial sweetener road in my life (if you want a good laugh, google "Funny Amazon Review of Sugar Free Gummy Bears" - not mine but definitely resonates!), but happy to report there is life after it. :)

I use Stevia here and there, but by sticking to a clean diet with only natural sugar sources, I've been truly amazed at how infrequently I crave it. This didn't happen overnight, but I'm to the point now where I actually really dislike the taste of fake sugar, or even real sugar for that matter. For recipes I use no sugar added organic applesauce, bananas, agave nectar, or honey to sweeten. On the rare occasion I'm craving sweet, I eat something sweet and make sure I'm getting a protein source in with it to balance the spike.

If you are a soda/pop lover, try La Croix sparkling water - natural flavor and zero sugar or additives while giving you the same soda drinking feel.

So I guess all that to say: Listen to your body and honor it. My guess is if you go all-natural you'll feel so great that you won't even miss the other stuff!

Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll see about stevia and I’ll focus on cutting out sugar-free sweeteners! I think you are right rest eventually I won’t crave or want ir
Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: