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I also have the munchies in the middle of the night- I wake up STARVING. My I:C ratio is much higher overnight so I’m not sure if it’s okay to be snacking overnight, but I’m so hungry I can’t sleep!

Lucy- there are mixed feelings on Splenda, but my gyno informed me Splenda’s main ingredient is bleach. I’ve only used Splenda a handful of times in my life, and every time I got sick from it- so Splenda was not a choice for me to begin with. Same with Equal and Sweet N Low. I guess my body only likes the “real” stuff.

On the labels for ingredients, Splenda is also called “Sucralose”. I think I’m really agaisnt the Splenda thing because it seems to be creeping into EVERYTHING we eat. Even when the label doesnt advertise Splenda, it sometimes has Sucralose in the ingredients. I just think it’s creepy. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marps!!!

I know…artifical sweeteners are everywhere!!! I had no idea the main ingredient to Splenda was Bleach! Thanks for the info!!!

I avoided all sweetners in the first trimester. I have been using Splenda in the second and third trimesters, but in moderation. I am very skeptical about aspartame and saccharin. So I even avoided them before pregnancy.

My understanding was that they replaced several hydroxide groups (OH) in the sugar (sucrose) molecule with chlorine atoms. Granted bleach is chlorine but I would hardly consider bleach an ingredient.

Not sure if you guys can help me or not but my Dr just gave me an I:C and it is 5:10. the thing is that I got this app on my phone to help me put the numbers in more quickly and know what to take so that if I am out or busy I can just plug the numbers in and go but the app only let you to put the ratio in as 1:C and min is 5:C so is there a way to convert this?

Morggirl, that would be the same as 1:2.

Well thank you and now that I think of it I feel a bit silly for asking. but thank you so much.

Nah, don’t feel silly! I think it’s odd that your doctor gave it to you in that format! Like he’s making it more complicated than it really needed to be.

Yes it is a little confusing and I am not good with math at all so this should really help out a lot.

One more thing to figure out my correction factor. she has it as if my BS is 100-120 add 2 units 121-150+4unit 151-200+6 and so on. so what would the correction factor be? My app has this as well as 1:? and not sure what to put in there.

Hmmm. What did he say is your “target” blood sugar? Like mine right now is 90. If I’m correcting, that’s the blood sugar I’m trying to get down to.

Right now she wants me to be under 120 but i want to be more like 90.

Well, it’s hard to say what correction factor he gave you, because those ranges (100-120, 121-150, 151-200) are all very differently “sized,” but he’s the amount he’s told you to take always goes up by exactly 2.

If I were to assume the target he has in mind is actually 90 (which makes sense if you start adding correction insulin at as low as 100), then I’d say your correction factor is 1:15. I figure that because, making the assumption that your target is 90, 2 units brings you down as much as 30 points (from 120 to 90), and 4 units brings you down as much as 60 points (from 150 to 90).

Ok thank you. I put that in and it came out correctly to what she wants me to take. thank you so much for all of the help. I am so happy to have people that are so willing to help another out : )

No problem! This stuff gets complicated! When I first got diagnosed started taking insulin, websites like this and helpful people were such a blessing!

I can’t get into work on time!
I’m 7 weeks pregnant, every morning I either have a headache from low BG levels, I’m nauseous from being pregnant, or I’m correcting a high BG level. This is crazy! Has anyone else had problems working in the first trimester? Plus I’m hungry all the time and I have a major aversion to all carb free snacks and not eating makes me nauseous-ugh. Any advice?

Sharon- I had a really difficult time getting up in the mornings all the way through my second trimester. I was wicked naseaus in the first months and that didnt stop until my third trimester! The only way I could get around it was to get up earlier, to sort of ease my way into the day. It took me an hour longer than usual to get my energy up enough to make it to work.

This might sound naive but how does breast feeling work with taking regular insulin injections? Does the insulin affect the baby?