Diet suggestions for my mom

Hi friends,
My mother is 65 years old and is an Alzheimer’s patient. She is undergoing her memory care treatment in an assisted living facility. But recently when we checked her blood sugar, we found it to be quite high. Then the doctor prescribed medicines for her and asked us to take care of her health by following the proper diet. Can anyone suggest the diet for a patient like my mother? All your suggestions would be of great help. Thanks in advance.

I am sorry that you and your Mom are now dealing with diabetes too. Reducing carbs in conjunction with her medication should help. You should have a conversation with facility’s onsite dietician. SHe/He will instruct the kitchen staff to provide a diabetic diet. If the facility is large, I am sure they already are caring for a few diabetic patients.

Take care!

There’s an interesting book titled “Grain Brain” that argues the benefits of a carb-restricted diet in treating a multitude of things like ADHD, autism and Alzheimers. There is also research that suggests a Ketogenic (Low Carb, High Fat) diet that can help delay or even reverse some Alzheimers symptoms. I would consider doing some research on your own regarding this and giving it a try. There’s no downside, and your mother might enjoy a diet that’s rich in things like eggs, bacon, butter, sour cream, pork chops, steak and the like. :slight_smile: