Diets, highs and lows!

Hello! I am very sorry I haven’t blog recently but I am very busy with my semestral exams! Can you imagine how difficult is managing school and a website? xD

Well, this few days I haven’t really watch out for what I eat and I hate it when I can’t manage my highs and lows it is like a constant battle against myself! I have to confess sometimes I have lots of problems with my diet and it all gets worst when your favorite movie is “Charlie and the chocolate factory” haha Just Kidding.

But I have promessed to myself that I’ll watch out for my Blood sugar carefully I’ve already been in some terrible lows, I fainted twice because my Blood Sugar was lower than 29, I don’t even remember those days very well, my family doesn’t like to mention them because they say it was horrible.

And when I am high I feel dissapointed with me because I really tried; it is kind of annoying and irritating but one of the things I’ve forgot to mention before is that one of the first things we all should know about Diabetes is that NO MATTER IF YOU ARE HIGH OR LOW YOU NEED TO KEEP IT UP.

If you have any tip about balancing your diet, It could be really helpful! :slight_smile: and share with me your experiences with highs and lows if you want. haha

By the way join the group i started: “Sweet and Positive”

The members of this group never let diabetes slow them down! they are able to see the positive side of this situation! WE ARE BELIEVERS :slight_smile: If you are one of them join! :slight_smile:

-thanks for reading

I know school can be very stressfull and at those times during exams you probably overlook what you eat or when you test. I have made it a habit to always carry fruits and my meter. When I am about to start a meeting or a long work session I check. So one piece of advice before I do anything and check no matter how busy I am. I tend to check every two hours during really stressfull times and sometimes every hour. Stress tends to play a bigger role on glucose leves than what I eat. Things are so unpredictable during stressful times so I just make it a habit to always test and always carry food no matter how busy I am. Fruit for me is the best and safetest so that I dont over correct and wind up too high.

I used to mountain bike a lot before diabetes but back them I always carried plenty of food to get me through anything. I am now applying that to my life today. Also I now keep coca cola in my desk and if I have to I will drink it hot when necessary.

Also I started to go by the rule of 15. 15 grams of carbs at a time and check every 15 minutes to see where you are at to avoid highs

Here is an article on that topic

take care of yourself