Exam Fever!

Well, my finals are rolling around and the semester has passed by too quickly. I’m in the midst of catching up on a stack of backlogged readings at the moment and wondering how on earth I’m going to rescue my “spectacular” GPA.

I’m pretty wary of exam periods now because I was diagnosed right after my exams ended last semester. The extreme stress levels I faced had apparently helped to push my blood sugar through the roof, and since I already had an infection at the time, my body and pancreas were so stressed that I went into DKA and spent a couple of days in ICU (and subsequently three long weeks in hospital altogether).

I’ve been testing pretty often as I always do and looking out for any strange elevated numbers on my meter.

I’m trying not to stress myself out too much and working out is a great stress reliever, so I think I am doing pretty well this time round. I’m also so much more energetic than I was last semester, as I was so fatigued and tired all the time - all warning signs which should have triggered a trip to the ER, but some things I learn the hard way.

I’m curious as to HOW my blood sugar will behave when I am in the heat of the exam period. It’s a pretty hectic timetable I have, with horrid 5pm papers and all that.

Mentally it will be draining, and I’m waiting to see what effect it will have on my blood sugar.

I will bring my meter into the exam hall with me, and some source of fast acting carbs just to play it extremely safe. I don’t think I will need those, but it’s always better to be prepared.

My professors know that I have diabetes so they’re pretty much on my side. YAY!

But I am expecting to see numbers which are temporarily a bit higher than usual when I’m under exam-related pressure, so we’ll just see how it goes.

Any tips for managing blood sugar are appreciated though!

Main thing right now would be control stress and have a plan of action in case sugar goes high or low and let your teachers know what is going on.

It’s good that you are thinking ahead. Whenever stress starts to overwhelm me I take ten deep breaths and stretch my neck and shoulders. This tends to bring me back to a calm. Good luck on exams!