Differences between pumps

So my 4 year warranty is soon up on my Minimed Paradigm 715 meter and I have been doing some random late night surfing…so I was wondering if any of you have used more than one kind of pump and which ones you all prefer? I love my Paradigm pump (although this is the only one that I have ever had), but I was looking at the Omnipod, because they have their ads splashed over every diabetic website. I have heard from my Dr. that she has had some people that have had difficulty with that pump. But I am curious what you all think and if there are really any major differences you have felt between the different pumps. Defend your pumps guys :wink: I am interested to hear from you all…

I can only praise my Ping as it’s the only one I’ve had.
Some don’t like it because the button pushing can be excessive but I have nothing to compare it to and really it’s just a second or so more.

Thanks for your responses. I think as of right now I am just gonna stick with my Minimed, but maybe get it in a cool color other than the clear one I have now.

My 4 yr warranty on my MM Paradigm will be up too in less than a year. But I started with Omnipod and switched to MM and totally prefer MM to Omnipod for many reasons. I am one of those people that had a lot of difficulty with the Omnipod. However, I have been looking into other pumps as well just out of curiosity. I think if something works well for you, why switch? Everyone is different and everyone likes or dislikes different pumps for different reasons. If the Minimed is working great for you then sticking with it for now may be best like you said…I probably will end up doing the same myself with maybe a new color too.:0) Good luck with whatever you decide!

I’m in the same boat as you Kerstyann!! I’m ready for a new pump and am having a tough time deciding if I should switch. I’m really interested in a tubeless but i do see that some people have lots of problems with their pods and I don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t work for me. I’ve really been happy with minimed so right now I’m leaning toward a new paradigm (purple!!) and hoping I can upgrade when they come out with their tubeless version.

I have the Cozmo pump- I love this pump but they have discontinued this one. I was on the disetronic before this, also discontinued. Now Im waiting for my omnipod to arrive and start training.

I don’t know how much insulin the omnipod holds but as I said in another post, keep in mind that the MM is the only one that has the 300 unit reservoir. After you do the priming, etc, you end up with at least 15 units under the 200. If you are one of those that only need 50 units or less per day, then you have more options. I have the 715 also, by the way. I wish I could get the MM Veo, only available in England, Australia, and a few other countries but not US.

Wow I just looked at the MiniMed Veo…I want it now :wink: Yeah I do like my Minimed so I think I will keep it. So is the Veo like the CGM in one unit?

Good luck…Hope you love it and all goes well with your transition.

Thanks for the input, yeah I am looking forward to a color change, 4 years with the same color gets annoying :wink:

No, it is just a better version of the current pumps (ie,715 / 722). My reading is that the features have been improved for more instinctive use and some fewer button pushing. It does not yet have FDA approval for the US and I am not sure they are even trying yet. But it just looks like a much better 715/722. to me at least.

I think you shouls try a sample.
it’s all about oyur opinion,what works for me doesn’t work for you thing is pretty much a rule.
I personally would like to try it,I don’t like the Idea of a big infusion site pulling on my skin,but maybe I would change my mind,so you might too,no pressure at all but,do know that whatever you choose,you’re stuck with it for another four yrs.
by the way,I’m not even a pumper yet,so my advices are all hypothetically made,but I hope it helps :slight_smile:
oh,I strongly recommend that you change your color! :smiley:
for fun:does your pump have a name?

Well all I can tell you is that i was nervous when I first started pumping 4 years ago, but I was put on a pump 4 months after I was diagnosed and love not having to do shots all the time. It is nice to be out with friends and not have to leave to go take a shot. The pump has actually given me a lot of freedom and the site really doesn’t pull on your skin, I would suggest testing it out. The pump makes it easier for me to get my blood sugar under control and i don’t have to do calculations anymore bc it does it for me :wink: which I love! Yeah I am totally gonna change my color though…it is time and if I get tired of it there are always pump skins to get to add some variety :wink: I do not have a name for my pump and I am not sure why…I usually do stuff like that. But ever since I got the pump my friends and me like to call me “The Bionic Woman” since this machine keeps me in working order :wink: I saw that you are recently diagnosed from last year, how are you holding up? If you need any support drop me a line, I got diagnosed my freshman year in college. If you have any name suggestions for my pump let me know :wink:


I have been asking around in my family what I should name my pump and my CGM. I have the MM also. We haven’t been very creative. So far the funniest has been from my daughter who said we should name them Toot and Puddle. Have you named yours?

No but I am taking suggestions, I just have my diabetes nickname “The Bionic Woman” :wink: I like Puddle for yours though :wink:

I think you should consider the choice in infusion sets (Medtronic has a proprietary connection rather than the open-source luer lock connection, which means you cannot buy infusion sets made by third-parties which many people find superior to Medtronic’s own set designs, such as those made by Roche’s Disetronic unit (now re-branded Accu-Check, even though it does not “check” anything), and I believe another manufacturer named Unomedical. You need to consider detachability of the set, the angle of insertion and length of the infusion set and material that the infusion set is made from (some people still prefer metal needles rather than cannulas because of issues with kinking and occlusion, to each their own – that’s why we have choices). The pod pumps, namely Insulet’s Omnipod, and the soon-to-be-available Mendingo Solo pump. You need to consider whether waterproof is a necessity with these, and also how much insulin you use between changes, and finally, how likely you are to lose and/or forget the remote control device for the pump. The Solo pump can be detached, thereby addressing the lack of waterproofing, and also has 2 controller buttons on the pod itself, so if you forget the remote at home your meal out won’t be ruined because you can still bolus by pushing the buttons on the Solo pump itself.