Digestion issues

hey guys iv been a diabetic for 17 years type 1 iv had always had issies with my stomach like stomach upsets and things like diahoria even from the start even in the very begining even before having diabetes my control has never been perfect but not the worst was in the 7s then suddenly i had really bad problems with constipation bloating uncomfortable bloating feeling full aswell i realised certain drinks or food wouldnt cause a raise in sugar level such as orange juice coke pepsi aswell foods like fruit such as tangerine even sugar itself doesnt raise my sugar levels iv been told i have gastroparesis by diabetes dsn. but i know with gastroparesis sugar level raises later on but i dont get this i just get no raise in sugar levels. i know food such as potatoe white bread does raise my sugar levels. .Does anyone suffer from similar problems?. if so would like to talk to someome with similar problems

Are you really saying that eating a meal doesn’t raise your glucose level at all?

hi i do get raises just would carby meal such as bread potatoe but not from food such as but no raise from drinks such pepsi coke orange juice or foods like fries even fruit

I know somebody with some of the similar symptoms in terms of foods not causing a rise in BG as one would naturally expect.

Just for some out-of-the-box thinking. What was your Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis based upon?

hi i was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 as a side affect from prednisolone

I do not believe that steroid induced diabetes is actually Type 1. The cause is entirely different.

Do you have an Endocrinologist who has experience with steroid induced diabetes?

It would not be surprising at all for many aspects of your situation to be quite different from the more typical Type 1.

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