Digestive enzymes complex

i was recommended by a friend to start taking digestive enzyme complex asi i have digestion gastroparesis like problems do they actually work does anyone have any experience with them?.

When I switched to LCHF, I started using Now’s Super Enzymes (which seem to be some of the most complete and highest quality enzymes available online), mostly because I’ve always had difficulty digesting fats. I have found them to make no difference at all. I still have hard time digesting fats, and not really sure what’s going on with any of it :slight_smile:

damn i was reccomended by a friend to take them he said they meant to help i looked at a couple and i found Cyto-Zyme - Digestive Enzyme Supplement they have really good reviews not sure if it worth getting now

Bernstein recommends certain enzymes to help with GP. I’m not able to look them up right now, but perhaps others are more familiar with them.

I was put on digestive enzymes before i was diagnosed with GP. I have always had trouble digesting fats since abdo surgery many years ago. They did not help and i felt better once I cut down on eatting high fat foods and was put on the right medication once diagnosed.