Has anyone tried Digestive Enzymes for Gastroparesis?

Hi everyone-
I was just diagnosed with gastroparesis this past July. I have, obviously, been in a lot of pain. I am desperate to avoid Reglan because it seems terrifying, and I am not a big fan of taking an anti-biotic everyday, which my doctor tells me is the other option.

My question is, has anyone out there with this condition ever tried digestive enzymes? What kind? Any success?

I went to a holistic doctor and that is what he has recommended in addition to a lot of dietary changes.

Thanks everyone!

Lee Anne

I take betaine HCL. I take two tablets after the first few bites of food with 8 oz of water. I started with one tablet to be sure it didn’t upset my stomach. Digestive enzymes help me some.

Sorry for the pain.

With Antibiotics—Just remember to take acidophilus through a pill— Or you can have a cup or so of non-fat, sugar free (hormones free-organic) each night before you go to bed—That will keep your good flora in your intestines.
I have gastroparesis I use to take the Enzymes for several years…but I have not traken them lately…
I did not have Gastroparesis during the time I took the enzymes as bad as I do now. .
So I can’t really say they worked that well…-haven’t taken them in a long time…but they can’t hurt you.

Hey Cynthia and Gerri- thanks for replying- I just wanted to report back, to you two, and anyone else who is interested that I have been taking the enzymes for about 6 weeks now and they are changing my life! I am holding down solid food for the first time since April!

It is possible that I don't have Gastroparesis that badly and that is why the enzymes are making a huge difference- I am no expert, I only know from my experience, but for me, they are working magic. Holding down food is giving me the ability to do other things, like sleep regularly, exercise, control my blood sugar better, which may be another factor in why things are improving so much.

Anyway, the enzymes I am taking are: protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase. I take them all in one pill from NESS (Nutritional Enzyme Support System). I also went on a highly alkaline diet, which helped, too.

I wanted to let people know what helped my gastroparesis, because puking, being in constant pain, and never being hungry really, really sucked!

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So glad the enzymes are helping you! Wonderful news.

Probiotics have helped me, and I have used digestive engymes off and on for years...

We certainly know they can't hurt us...

This is great news :)

Definitely a thumbs up on the probiotics… iv had gastric issues (still not classified as gastroparesis yet) and the whole probiotic/yogurt thing was one of the best things I ever investigated… Esp good when taking antibiotics…

i take ENLIGN & at first it helped but lately things got worse again,maybe i need something NEW.

I have a mild form of gastroparesis. I haven’t had a flare up for a year. I was taking ginger but I stopped. I have no vomiting or nausea but I have no appetite and I haven’t been to the bathroom in 3 days. My blood sugars were a little erratic but I was still on target. I am going to give the digestive enzymes a try. The tablets I ordered also have a probiotic in them. I hope and pray that this resolves itself as it normally does. It is just a long haul until it happens.

Finally had my first no2 after taking 2 domperidone for 3 days. My doctor wants me take only 1 a day because I have a heart murmur and I haven’t had any side effects from it. They say that the benefit of domperidone outweighs the risks.