Gastroparesis & digestive enzymes

Has anyone tried digestive enzyme supplements as a remedy for gastroparesis

Yes, this was my doctor’s recommendation right after diagnosis. I found that it actually does work fairly well. I do not have the worst case of gastroparesis. Also, it has improved greatly with my tight control and the elimination of artificial sweeteners. Especially the elimination of all types of soda. These days I normally don’t have an issue with gastroparesis as long as I’m careful both with my diet and portion size. About the only time it catches up with me is when I have too much heavy food in consecutive meals or at one time. My main issue is with beef, but sometimes just plain too much food is the problem. When this happens I find that I can take one or two capsules of bromelain (500 MG) and it usually clears up within 6 to 8 hours.

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My case of gastroparesis is mild also.I get thrown for a loop when I do have symptoms.I have only taken 1 digestive enzyme pill at lunch and can feel a difference in my stomach.I am hoping with taking 1 domperdone and a ginger capsule and digestive enzyme cap I can gain control.I actually heard my tummy making noises after luch.

Hi all. Dr’s still trying to confirm if i have GP, but can say what has helped the most, was Acupuncture; for digestion & Liver. Weekly visits now. Costly, but will try to keep it up.

I had already reduced portions and became a vegetarian , was taking multi enzymes and was walking a lot more after meals.
But the acupuncture had the most noticeable, same day impact.
No medications (yet) …


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Hi Dee,
I have very very severe case of gastroparesis - worst they have seen in some time. Having dealt with this for some years, I say to treat with whatever gives you relief. Add things like this slowly to judge the impact on your system. Some of us don’t digest well so look for the liquids if possible…while they didn’t work for me, they may work for you. I have done everything, including the external TNS units. It helps for a while.

I realize that this question was asked before.I have been a type 1 for 31 years and gp happened about 3 years ago. I was prescribed Domperidone and it helped me alot.I recently was only taking 1 a day as the side effect of heart trouble. I went off of it as I got better.I was taking ginger capsules to maintain good digestion.I started having gp symptoms about 4 months later and went back on domperidone taking 2 a day.I found I still felt nauseous on only 1.I am feeling a bit better,no nausea.This condition really sucks as you can’t eat normal and you have no appetite.I am only 5ft tall and already weigh 102 lbs.I can’t afford to lose any weight. TAKE CARE.

Doing much better since increasing my dom peridone to 2 pills a day. I even have a little bit of an appetite. I have been taking ginger capsules and digestive enzymes on top of walking on my husband’s treadmill.He doesn’t use it so I might as well.

Randy, Are you still taking digestive enzymes. I am having difficulty right now with my stomach and have some digestive enzymes. The last flare up of gastroparesis I had was in March of 2018. It happened again this September 1. I was wondering if the enzymes really will help? Your feedback would be great.