New meter remote in Canada!

Wow, I was just on the Animas Canada website and they have launched a new meter remote with a COLOR screen like the pump!!! I live in the U.S. and can not believe why they have not done this in the U.S. yet! Check it out and let me know what everyone thinks, it looks great!

Yep, looks good. I think I wear my battery out on the meter because I light up the screen everytime to make sure I’m reading it right…

Hey Brian word is that the ping for US is going to have CGM installed that will talk to the remote and to the Pump .

The sensor will have the same RF as the remote and pump.

so you will be upgrading to a all new Ping system remote (color) and pump with sensor.

Thats what I was told but who no’s . Word of mouth ???
what you think.

That would be very cool! All i heard by rumor is that they could not get the cgm to work with the remote so you would have to choose between having the remote or the cgm; not both. I heard there was a problem with having two signals talking to each other so they would only be able to have the meter talk to pump or cgm talk to pump. But, if they discovered a way in which both could communicate with pump that would be ideal and great! Thanks for the info! If you hear anything else let me know and i do the same.

Instead of having two signals thiers one RF coming from the senor going to the pump and the remote.
Will keep in touch add me as friend send you Infro when I get it.

Its all a rumor until it comes out.