DIP Program Week 2

Thursday, 13th March, I attended my second week of the DIP program.

  • Firstly we were weighed in, I only lost .2g but at least I didn’t put on.
  • We measured our waist and were given a ribbon the length of the measurement so over the 12 weeks even if we don’t lose weight we can see if we loose inches off our waist.
  • We were given our individual meal plan and kilojoule intake. My daily kilojoule goal is 6,500 kj
  • My daily food intake is:-
    5 servings of carbs (was originally 12 servings a day so it’s been cutback by more than half)
    3 servings of fruit
    3 serves of dairy
    2 serves of protein (200g) (was originally 3 serves a day)
    5 serves of free vegetables
    4 serves fat
    and last but not least, drink 2 litres of water

With all this they gave each of us a personalized meal plan lists of food guides with the kilojoule content of each serve.

Man oh man how am i going to manage all this stuff I have taken on!! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed!