DIP Program Week 4

Today, Thursday 27th March, I attended week 4 of the DIP program.

First thing we did was weigh in. To my shock, horror, I lost 2.5 kilo!!
I couldn’t believe it, especially after the Easter holidays!
Wendy, the dietitian, was very pleased and so was I !!

I have had to fiddle with my insulin the past couple of weeks because I am constantly getting lows during the day and most days I have to skip the before lunch Novorapid.
I think I may have figured it out now but I’ll have to discuss it with my Endo when I see him in a couple of months, in the meantime if I can’t get it right I’ll give one of the Educators a call.

Well todays lesson was about exercise, why exercise is important, how it helps us etc. etc. (I hate exercise!) Anyway we had to set an exercise goal for ourselves for this week, so my goal is to do all the exercises the Exercise Physiologist told me to do and to do them every day.

So how has this DIP program changed my ways so far?
Well now I keep a daily log of everything i eat and how much insulin I take, I monitor my BGL constantly, I count my carbs, proteins, etc., weigh the foods that need to be weighed, try to move more, and just try to do the right thing.

Just saw your blog. What is a DIP program? Any way I can get info etc... ? Congrats on the weight loss. I hear you on the exercise thing. I too hate exercise. lol thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Oh, my name is Julie.