Diabetes Improvement Program (DIP)

On the 6th March I started the first week of the Diabetes Improvement program (DIP).

The first week was just an introduction to explain what was going to go on in the next 12 weeks and we all got weighed in. I weighed in at 142.8 (don;t really like those scales!).
We were told that we had to set a realistic weight loss goal and that was to try and lose 10% of our weight, so I pretty much had the right idea.
So my goal is set at trying to lose about 14.5 kilos at about 1/2 to 1 kilo a week.
Once i reach that goal then i set a new goal again at 10 % of my new weight and so on, like that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming thinking that in all i have to lose at least half my weight (a whole person)!

The following day I had an appointment with my Diabetes Educator. She asked how everything was going and I explained to her about everything I was doing and she said that it was great that i was actually getting the ball rolling to try and better my health. She looked at my BG levels record and said they are much better and to keep going as i am. Said if I had any questions to call her and that was about it.