Direct Lab Tests

Hi, just curious if anyone here has ever used a direct lab service (without going through your insurance company or doctor, no co-pay but just pay out of pocket) to test their C-peptide/GAD or other tests that your primary doctor wouldn’t order for you?

I’ve been recently diagnosed as T2, but reading this tudiabetes website makes me wonder if I’m T1.5/LADA instead or I guess I just want a peace of mind that I really am T2 and that I’m doing all I can right now by eating right, exercising vigorously and taking Metformin, supplements and reading a gadzillion books on diabetes (I think I must’ve read at least 7 books on T2 diabetes within the last month). My primary doctor told me “It doesn’t matter if I’m T1 or T2”, the treatment is the same and that my insurance wouldn’t allow for a C-peptide test and she’s never even heard of “GAD” or “LADA” and made me spell it out for her. Yes, she’s even an MD-Ph.d. Seems like most of you here are more educated about diabetes than my doctor with two advanced medical degrees.

So I’ve been wondering if I should just pay out of pocket and use Does anyone have any experience with these? I think there’s also and for the west coast as well. If you know anyone who is without insurance, I think this may be a good place to recommend to them. For, your “run of the mill” blood glucose test are $11-$15 and the A1C test is also around $25, plus a host of all sorts of tests I wouldn’t go into, but the important thing for me is that they offer C-peptide & GAD tests…

Hello Kat,
I’ve been getting my own labs for a number of years and have been satisfied with the procedure. You can order the desired test through They send the paper work that thay you take to the nearest LabCorp where the blood is drawn. After that the results are mailed to you. The whole procedure takes about a week. Any more questions, fell free to ask. Herman

Thanks, Herman. I see that has the C-petide test at a very reasonable price. I don’t see one for GAD though? I’ll look into getting the C-petide test. As for my BMI, right now I’m shooting for 10% weight reduction. I just want to do whatever it takes to achieve normal blood sugar…sigh.

Increasing your exercise for weight reduction will also help relieve stress in other areas of life. This should postively improve the blood sugars. It all works together, at least it does for me.
I’ve had the c-peptide test administered 2 times in the last 5 yrs.through lef. Both came back in the normal range. By the way, do you still have family in Korea? It is a beautiful country.

Hi Kat,
I just read both of your discussion posts. Have you had the c-peptide test yet? What kind of insurance do you have? I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t cover a c-peptide test! I would highly recommend that you try to see an endocrinologist. Maybe your insurance would cover the test if it was recommended by a specialist? The treatment for T1 and T2 is not the same! Sometimes if you’re T1, then you go through a “honeymoon” period where you can get away with oral meds and no insulin but if you are T1, it will end and it’s better to know ASAP so that you can be prepared and make the transition to insulin. When I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and my endo mentioned that I would probably want to consider an insulin pump within the next year…I balked! Now I have one and can’t imagine being without it. The idea of the shot is definitely much worse than actually getting one. They make very short needles for skinny people and kids. I, like you, was a thin vegetarian with good cholesterol and a great diet when I was diagnosed.

Julie - how long did it take you to find out that you had LADA/1.5? Did it suddenly come on within a couple of years or was it gradual?

HI Kat, My circumstances were a bit unusual. I was pregnant so I was taking random urine tests anyway…and, more importantly, I already had Graves disease and an Endo who knew what she was doing and gave me the antibody test immediately. Apparently if you already have an autoimmune disorder, you’re more likely to develop another.

Hi Kat,

Did you end up ordering through I recently got a test from there with a pleasant experience. It was the first time I had gotten a test from a site like this. Like you, I’m uninsured trying to find ways to cut my medical expenses down. I was a little hesitant to do something like this online, but it was a good experience and would definitely use the site again in the future.