Disability Help, Please


Does anybody have knowledge or experience with filing for disability? I have no idea how it works, the process of applying, whether or not I will qualify, etc.

I really don’t want to even think about it, I keep putting it off, thinking I’ll get well enough to handle going back to work. But I’m at the point now that we’re suffering financially, and I just can’t handle working…I can’t barely handle cleaning my house.

I have really bad pain from neuropathy that makes it impossible to do the very physical job I have always done, vision problems, gastroparesis that keeps me nauseous and vomiting almost daily now, fatigue, and I’ve developed anxiety that threatens to cause me to become agoraphobic. I’ve lost my driver license due to the vision problems. I have other health issues as well, but these are the only ones that would effect me working.

I’ve been working hard the last couple of years to get healthy enough to handle working. Meds, diet, exercise. But I have not been able to make enough improvements.

The pressure is on from family and bill collectors for me to do something, anything. As much as I hate to do it, I’m thinking applying for disability is my only choice.

It’s been a year and a half since I last worked. I left my job sighting health problems. But have I waited too long to apply for disability? Would I even qualify? What do I need to do first?

I live in California.


I can’t be of too much help, but I think the place to start would be job and family services. That’s who I contacted about trying get on medicaid for disabled (though I can’t get any help if I’m not actually on disability). Another starting place would be contacting your doctor, they probably have had plenty of patients help with this. I do know, from my ex’s father, that it is difficult, and he had to apply twice (he lost use of his legs due to Lupus). During his second interview, while they were asking him why he couldn’t work and whatnot, he became incontinent of bowel and, being a smart aleck and someone with a good (maybe twisted) sense of humor, screamed that THAT was why he couldn’t work.


i have a disability, & i 1st start with, my states dds office, then help me with, the paper work, & getting the stuff for work,. it where i will try to start at is the dds office,. hope it helps some,.


Here is a link to California DHS to answer your questions Tamra : http://www.dhcs.ca.gov/Pages/default.aspx


If u really r given a suggestion contact ur state Rep they r there to help I too suffer from neuropathy in the feet and can’t find a job


but the dsh, is the best bet for her, you are right,. the state Rep is good to, after all it there job, time for them to do something right,.


I forgot this, you have to start with SSI: https://www.ssa.gov/disabilityssi/


Hi Tamara. I have been there and done that. I have similar disabilities due to diabetes. I have not worked since October 2013. I will be glad to pass along what I know and hopefully it will be of help.

You need to apply to SSI. You can go online and figure out what you need to put together for this. I can tell you this, like you I have vision loss and neuropathy, gastroparesis and a handful of other things that just give me grief. Really, in regards to your disability, this is good. These conditions, especially vision and neuropathy are what they call listed conditions. In other words once you apply you should be approved. If the conditions like the ones you have are listed SSI will not contest your application. When people apply for disability and their conditions are not listed the process can be quite daunting. I checked with an attorney when I filed and then followed up with him. I wanted to know how long it might take to argue my case. When he took the time to look at my issues he said to me that I would not need his services as my conditions were listed and my request would be approved. He was right.

The amount you will receive varies by calendar year. I have no idea what factors into their equation, but the maximum allowed amount varies from year to year. Everything I have learned and everything I have read says do not waste your time trying to figure out how much you will get. You can easily find out what the maximum payout is and then hope for the best. One thing I have found is that you can make up to an additional $1000 per month and not diminish your benefit. But, beyond that, if you are indeed legally blind then you can actually earn much more than that (currently I believe the figure is about $1800) also without affecting your benefit payment.

If you truly aspire to go back to work at some level there are resources available to you. I have been working over the past year with my State Department of vocational rehabilitation as well as my state department of services for the blind. These two agencies have provided me with the tools to aid my vision and mobility, as well as assistive technology, software, computer, telephone and tuition.

Do not, I repeat, do not allow these issues to isolate you! There are agencies and groups public and private out there that have been established to help people like you and like me. And truthfully, as frustrating and nasty as all of these things can be there really are people out there who are much worse off and face much larger challenges than either you or I.


Thank you.


In Massachusetts, we have a program called Mass Rehab, which offers job assistance for people both on and off SSI with disabilities. I feel that only you can determine whether SSI would be beneficial for you, but I’d urge you to seek assistance from the similar state run organization in California. I think Randy mentioned the organization, and I second it as a resource that shouldn’t be missed-

They may have a waiting period, but considering how much they are known to help people, I would get involved and contact them as soon as possible!

California Department of Rehabilitation


Go directly to the disability office. Many people tend to get a lawyer when it is not necessary. Gather any paperwork that pertains to your issues and a letter from your Dr would help as well. It may take several months to g e t a decision. If it is denied, then a lawyer can help to get it approved. They wills probably approve you back to when you had to quit your job because of health reasons. In that case, they would pay you retroactive back to that date. Medicare costs a little over $100 that comes out of your pay and you pay extra for prescription coverage. You need someone to help out there because the monthly premium and now copay is awfully high.
I was out on disability because of bipolar, being in the hospital for a week a nd a half and I had no medical or prescription coverage and had lost 8 jobs in the last 18 months before applying. I had been in the banking and Investments field for over 20 years, but spiraled out of control. I was approved in 3 months, without seeing a lawyer. My bipolar meds helped cause diabetes, but it also run s in my family and I got it at the age of 57.


I have wondered about this issue to . I have diabetes, heart dis. & hypothyroidism and neuropathy in my feet.Can you get any type of disability if you haven’t worked enough. And does your husbands income effect whether not you qualify any disability?


They base disability amount on how much your earning power has been. Do you recall getting an annual statement from social security? It tells you your retirement income and your disability income.

I receive free bipolar meds, and Meijers shopping center in Michigan provide free metformin to all.


We’ll Tamra how’s it going with the SSA and your SSDI ? I’m a newbie T2 just this year And have severe neuropathy so i’m in the same boat as you with the SSA my friend :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure California job-related disability expires within a year of you leaving your last full time employment. But If you are seeking permanent disability, I think that’s may be a different story?