i haven’t logged in on here in a while, but i’m super discouraged!! i have had 10 pod failures in the past 3 weeks!! i’ve called me rep and they just say to do the pinch and push down method…well, i’ve already been doing that and sometimes the pinch method doesn’t work…i have to call them so i can get “new” replacement pods, but then you have to answer 20 questions about each pod…3 of the pods actually failed while priming, which is, obviously, no fault of mine…my sugars were doing great and now it’s a run of bad pods! my dr. just says try a new box…easy for her to say
i know i should try out new places, but i have a problem sleeping “on” my pod…how do you “deal” with sleeping?? i move a lot in my sleep and i find it hard to “roll” around when i have the pod in certain places…i would like to try my back, any suggestions?
if anyone has advice, it would be grately appreciated!! i’m ready to throw the darn thing against the window!!!

It sounds like a bad box (assuming they have all come from the same one) or at least a bad LOT number.
I would definitely do everything you can (calling the local rep and/or cust. service as many times as necessary) until you get some replacements.
As far as putting it on your back, I place mine ‘on my ribs’, with the cannula pointed down, at a point where the cannula and window are the only things centered over the soft, squishy part of my back (which is where I want the cannula anyway so it goes into the fatty tissue). I just poke around for the bottom of my ribcage, then follow it up around to the back, clean the area and keep any eye on where I want to place the pod…then pop it on! I’m a side sleeper most of the time and despite it being close to the ‘edge’ of me, I have no problems with sleeping on the same side that my pod is on.
I hope you get some replacements for your pods that failed! Good luck and don’t be too discouraged! You’re doing things right–you just need to get some of your technology to do the same :slight_smile:

I agree with trying to get a new box to replace the pods. Even when it is user error, they will sometimes replace one with a “courtesy pod.” If it’s a whole box and the problems are with priming, I’d beg for replacements for all of them.

That being said, it’s really important to rotate. I used my lower abdomen (below the waist line) for over 8 years and now can barely use the area. Since I have to avoid that space, I play with other areas - like legs, butt, upper abdomen (even as far as up under my chest), but my favorite place is the small of my back. Believe me - you can teach yourself to sleep on anything. (Check out the discussion thread linked off the main page right now “How do you sleep?”). Try using your back. You may love it. If you don’t, it’s only three days of discomfort.


I am so sorry for all of the pod failures you’ve had. Just like Melissa said…Tell them to replace the whole box! I have had a few bad pods but not that many. I agree with you, I hate the 20 questions game. I sleep on my pod. lol I forget it’s there most of the time. I love placing my pod on my inner and outer thigh. My favorite place would be my butt. Honestly, it sounds like your doing fine, don’t let the CSR’s make you feel like your not and don’t let 10 pod failures ruin your like for getting the pod. If you have any questions let me know.


Myriah: Sorry for all of the pod failures. What a frustration! Site rotation is very, very important. I would ask your local rep to meet with you in person (they make plenty of money off of us) and talk it through. Hopefully, the rep will give you some replacement pods in person, and maybe have some ideas for you.

I had been through similar frustration (albeit, on a tubed pump) a few years ago. I had been infusing into the same site for a long time, and tossing it up with new sites really helped.

They now require you to answer 20 questions for each Pod? Oy vey! I haven’t called in a long time. Cherise, now I understand your blog post a little better.

It sounds like you are getting error messages, like the 3 fails while priming. They should definitely replace them and if it’s the same batch I’m with everyone else to replace the box.

As far as pinching up, we never do. The only times I did that, we had bad blood sugars and one bleeder. I don’t see how that can be a determining factor as to whether or not you are doing it right. There are so many other variables and, well with us, it just doesn’t work.

Good luck. Hang in there.


if you put it on your butt, where? and does this hurt when you sit? or where jeans? this is where my doc suggested…

thanks for all of your responses!!! i truly love all the support!! :wink:
when sleeping “on” my pod i have also had failures…my body is weird, obviously!! lol instead of the pinch method, i’ve been using the push method, where you push the pod during insertion and that seems to help…i will definitely be trying new sites! my hardest thing is, when my pod is below the waist, to remember where it is before i undress to go to the bathroom!! i almost rip it off everytime!! lol
thanks again!

When Caleb started he put it on his tush - like right below the belt line of his pants. The only reason we stopped was because he would tug on it by mistake when pulling his pants up and down when going to the bathroom.

Nope. Try this. Sit down and think about which parts of your butt actually make contact with the chair cushion. More than half of your butt (the upper half) is not receiving any pressure. That’s where you want it. Anything below the belt to about four or five inches down maybe. You want it low enough that your belt or waistline won’t pinch it or rub at the adhesive, but in the great fatty parts of your tush. If the thought hurts too much, try it a little more on the outside edge, closer to your hips but still on the fatty part. You wouldn’t want it right on your hip bone, after all. Usually, my pod is not really noticeable to anyone and can look like you’ve got something in the back pocket of your jeans - since everybody has a little cell phone there anyway.

I found the back of both arms for sleeping. I too like to move from side to side and sleep on my stomach.

Hi Myriah -

Hang in there - a lot of it is finding what works for the individual. Try the back of your arms and then use either a tube sock with the foot cut off to pull over it to protect you while sleeping. We use wrist sweat bands for my son (he’s 3 with little arms) we just pull it up over the pod. He’s pretty rough and tumble and so often wears it all day long.

If you get more than two pods in a box that are bad - have them replace the entire box - otherwise, you’ll burn through insulin. When priming always use warm insulin - cold insulin will either not prime or set it off beeping like crazy. We went through quite a few pods in the beginning but now it’s pretty rare for us to have a bad pod. I was discourage in the beginning too but I"ll tell you, we just started this CGM study and Will have to have the pager thingy with him at all times (like using a traditional pump) and I’m finding this is a real bummer. I can’t believe anyone would chose a traditional pump over the pod. Maybe it’s psychological but when Will wears the pod, we just don’t think about diabetes every second of the day, he’s now had the CGM for 48 hours and I’ve been thinking/worried about it for the last 48 hours (and I don’t even have the data it’s pulling because we’re in a study and it’s a blind study for the first two weeks…) Yipes.

Hang in there. The OmniPod really is a great product!!

Yes we push - our trainer told us to do that. Always seems to work for us too.

Thanks for the idea, been on the pod for 8m now and because of this site have just started to try new sites. Tonight I tried my “big butt”. We will see how things turn out!